High Adventure Outdoors

Greetings from the Equator!

I hope you are having a good week. I am glad to be back in touch with you again. I have some extremely exciting news to share with you today.

I have been working dilligently behind the scenes to develop our new Adventure e-Course. Thanks to so many of you and your input. I am continually modifying the contents of the e-Course in order to better suit your needs.

Module 1 is now live and click-able from this page... Please come visit and read through what I wrote there. You’ll find a link to a FREE, spectacular e-book there. This e-book is the main focus of the Module.

Thanks to some very good suggestions on Our Forum, I’m working on a modification or addition within the Module. I’ll soon be providing a worksheet that will allow you to apply the most important aspects of the free e-book, without having to actually read the entire thing, word-for-word. I really hope you do have the time to read it though, perhaps several times.

Notice that this e-book is in the Public Domain; it has no copyright. You are free to sell it, give it away or do whatever you want with it. In Module 4, we’ll be talking a lot more about how to turn this sort of opportunity into an auto-pilot cash flow.

Further, I have provided a SPECIAL OFFER for you to purchase the entire collection of 24 related e-books, all written around the same period. This OFFER equates to 1,742 pages of enlightening information for the ridiculous price of $17.42. This collection is also copyright-free. These 24 e-books can be used to generate an income or they can be given away for free. Each e-book could easily sell for $5 - $15.

If you are at all interested in this amazing e-book collection, your purchase helps to support our web site and to defray the costs of operation. Your purchase is greatly appreciated!

Last, and most importantly today, we are jumping directly into Module 4 next. There is a very important reason for this. Please read the following short paragraphs VERY CAREFULLY!

The vast majority of our group has now clearly communicated their urgent need for immediate help with this and I am going to come through for you right now...

Module 4 is entitled, Create Multiple Streams of “Auto-Pilot” Cash Flow. And that is exactly what we are going to do next week on July 1. Are you ready to start making your first dollar of “auto pilot” income within the next 30 days?

By the way, making your first dollar is the hardest. Once you have achieved that goal, the rest comes quite easily and quickly.

Last year I participated in a powerful event that changed my life in several ways. And now, I want you to enjoy the same. Why should I reinvent a new wheel if a perfect wheel already exists? Here it is...

Australian, Ed Dale is an amazing internet entrepreneur and online guru. I have the highest respect for him. In one week from today, on July 1st, Ed is kicking off his 5th annual "30-Day Challenge" (now just called, The Challenge ).

For absolutely FREE, Ed will take us by the hand, starting at GROUND ZERO, and help us to earn our very first dollar online! More than 135,000 people have already signed up for the event this year.

You and I will participate in this Challenge together. It requires only 30 minutes of your time each day; no more. This 30-minute daily slice of your time includes everything, from watching the videos to doing the exercises. If you ever get behind, the entire program is stored online for the entire year. But, please, don’t get behind.

I promise you, this is one of the greatest opportunities of your life to finally get financially free. Jump in and participate with our group as we follow Ed’s footsteps and set up multiple sources of “auto-pilot” income that will last for the rest of our lives.

Once the "auto-pilot" income is firmly established, we'll be freely adventuring around the world together (Modules 5 & 6)!

Please sign up right this minute!

Free sign-up here: The Challenge

I’ll be back soon,