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Greetings from the Equator!

I hope you had a great, long, holiday weekend (if you live in the USA). If you don’t live in the USA (like me), I hope you had a great weekend too.

This message will be short today.

I wanted to make sure that you have already signed up for The Challenge. If you haven’t, there is still time, but you should sign up as soon as possible.

You may ask, “Why is a web site dedicated to Adventure and Overseas Adventure Travel putting so much emphasis on a program about e-commerce?”

Great Question! Please allow me to be a bit blunt for just a moment.

Just before I began creating a FREE e-Course about how to achieve a free and adventurous lifestyle, I asked everyone what they needed. I asked what was blocking them from achieving this dream.

The overwhelming majority responded that the big blocker was a lack of money. In order to live a free and adventurous lifestyle, you must have plenty of money and free time. I totally get that and I completely agree.

Today, we have before us, someone who is offering us the Secret Key on a Golden Platter. We have a chance to cash in on FREE training program that will help to bring us MULTIPLE SOURCES of AUTO-PILOT, RESIDUAL INCOME for the rest of our lives!

This is no joke and no small matter. I took the FREE training last year and I’m taking it again this year so that I can raise my personal bar to a whole new level. ED DALE is a genius and has graciously prepared a bomb shell of a training course that is bigger and better than ever this year.

All you need is 30 minutes each day to CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Devote yourself to some of the most interesting and fun training that you have ever seen before.

Do I get anything out of this if you sign up? HELL YES! I get great satisfaction from seeing you succeed!

Please get involved with this today:

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I’ll be back soon,