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Such a spectacular view from both houses!

Let our loss be your gain!

Do you ever feel like the world is coming apart at the seams? Do you see world politics and economics evolving into a disaster at a rapid pace? Are you concerned that your life is about to change dramatically, especially if you live in a city?

How would you like to live in a place that is self-sustaining, where you wouldn't even know if the world had come to an end or not?

This is the place!

Through a recent series of events, an old heart condition has resurfaced and I am now forced to move back to the city to be near a medical facility for the next year. Sadly, we must sell our dream home and move back to Cuenca as soon as possible.

Here is our story…

Early this year, we finished building our long-planned, Country Living Paradise. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth. We spent more than four years researching and visiting properties around the Cuenca area before finally deciding on this location.

Once we purchased the 20-hectare parcel of land, it took us another year to develop the property and to build two large, Santa Fe style adobe homes. Our neighbor Marianne lives in the home below us. We both own the homes and property together.

Please see the photo history of our project in the Flipbook below.

Marianne does not want to remain on the property alone, so we have jointly decided to sell the entire project to a buyer who wants a turn-key, independent lifestyle property.

We have a wide variety of flora and fauna including deer, rabbits and a family of condors nearby. There are many medicinal plants growing naturally. We enjoy blueberries, raspberries and joyapa berries everywhere we walk. Our view of the surrounding mountains and valleys is superior to what you see through the window of a commercial jet at cruising altitude! You simply must see this to believe it.

"This is also a land developer's dream property. Land subdivisions are cheap and easy with our recent survey plat map and legal land title."

If you are a serious potential buyer, please contact me immediately to arrange a visit. or 593-098-272-8130


first reasonable offer accepted

Many Extras

View of our pine forest with the houses up on the ridge.

Property Details:

House sizes:

1) 20 X 12 meters (2583 ft. sq. main floor) + basement

2) 15 X 12 meters (1937 ft. sq. main floor) open floor plan + basement

  • completely off-grid and self-sufficient
  • flat roofs that can support further building
  • each roof has a continuous, thick, waterproof membrane
  • multiple skylights in each house
  • internal looping roads
  • secure, gated entry
  • wrap around safety windows (8 mm.) in both houses
  • homes may be connected to each other with further building
  • 10 solar panels & 2 wind generators – 40 batteries & 5kw inverter
  • produce an average of 20 kwH+ per day
  • 2 - 40' storage containers - living space between them (see photos in Flipbook)
  • pure water well + rain water collection system provides a weekly surplus
  • can subdivide & sell 5 – 12 (1-hectare) view lots or completed homes
  • 2 diesel generators
  • internet tower on our own mountain peak
  • full cell phone signal G4 bandwidth & speed
  • astronomer's dream come true
  • 7 anti-bacteria water tanks @ 2,500 liters each
  • located one-hour south of Cuenca, Ecuador
  • 10-minutes from the Pan-American Highway
  • 15-minutes from town of La Paz
  • 1 1/4 hours from Mariscal Lamar International Airport in Cuenca
  • located right on the old, historical Cuenca-Loja road (original Inca Trail)
  • nearly 20 hectares (49 acres)
  • 12,000 mature (15+ year-old) pine trees
  • recent legal survey document for land title
  • view of the entire Yunguilla Valley
  • view of the Pacific Ocean on a clear day
  • at night, view of the city lights of Machala and Cuenca
  • 3,200 meters (10,500 feet) of altitude
  • year-round spring weather and growing season

Please see the Flipbook below for a photographic history of our project

Our "open-plan" interior with wrap around views

Marianne's house with a view to the south. Basement door is in the tree shadow.

Frequent rainbows, each with a pot of gold!

Important Note:

Below, is a Flipbook with a photographic history of our project. My intention was to use this Flipbook as a promotional tool in selling some view lots and country homes from the lower portion of our property.

If you are a developer and purchase our property, you would have the option to develop the lower portion of the property extensively enough to recoup the cost of your entire investment.

Our Mountain Paradise in Ecuador - by Stan Grist

Out for a hike in the backyard. Can you see the houses up on the ridge?