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Adventures Into the Unknown

May 15, 2007

The Astonishing Return of Stan Grist…

Greetings once again from Ecuador! It is a pleasure to finally say, "Hello", once again and bring you news from the equator. Thanks for your patience.

By the time you finish reading this newsletter, you will better understand why I have been away. Where I have been? I'll soon reveal it all. Grab a drink and a comfortable seat as I prepare to tell you an explosive story that is sure to send some heads rolling.

I was going to keep this story a secret but I am now being forced to go public. I simply can't stand on the sidelines with my mouth shut any longer. I'm sure I'll get some serious hate mail, or even worse, for what I'm about to tell you but I really don't care anymore. I'll be naming names and web site addresses of the guilty and of the simply ignorant. The stupidity and deceptions must finally come to an end.

As you will soon discover, what I have been through has been disappointing and depressing. I have felt betrayed and even outraged. I even considered hanging up my backpack and retiring from the exploration business somewhere on a secluded beach. But, I didn't.

Before I begin my shocking story, let me say that I have recently found a whole new energy to resume my adventures and explorations. I have exciting, new, headline-crashing projects on the drawing board now. I am in physical training to prepare for some remote and difficult expeditions. I am already purchasing all new expedition gear. I am decisively back.

Some months ago, I completed the investigation of a lifetime. As many of you already know, I owned a private investigation agency in Alberta, Canada for some years. I once again found myself with my investigative juices flowing. I should have conducted this investigation many years ago, but at least I finally did it and now it is done.

I cannot fit the entire story into one newsletter. Therefore, I have decided to send you three more newsletters over the next month or two. They will contain the entire story. By the time I finish, you will know everything. After the third newsletter, I expect to then move onward and upward, putting the whole mess behind me and getting on with life.

It all started with a phone call last year.

"Hello Stan, this is XXXXX calling. How have you been?"

"Hey XXXXX, it's great to hear from you! What's up?"

"I'm finally coming to Ecuador soon and I want to speak with you about doing an expedition to the Cueva de los Tayos."

To be continued very soon…

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Adventures Into the Unknown

June 3, 2007

Volume I of III – Continued from my last newsletter...


This last chapter of my affair with the Tayos Cave Legend all started with a phone call last year...

"Hello Stan, this is XXXXX calling. How have you been?"

"Hey XXXXX, it's great to hear from you! What's up?"

"I'm finally coming to Ecuador soon and I want to speak with you about doing an expedition into the Cueva de los Tayos."

"That's awesome XXXXX. Let's first interview all of the key players in the story so that we can be fully armed before we go into the tunnels. That should increase our chances of success with finding the Metallic Library."

"Sounds like a plan Stan. Can you begin getting things set up before I arrive?" asked XXXXX.

"I sure can XXXXX. I'll get a hold of Jaime Rodriguez first to help us. He's already been in the caves and even filmed a two-hour TV special, which aired throughout Ecuador a couple of years ago. He knows all of the historical key players and can help us set up the interviews."

"Great! I should be arriving in Quito within about three weeks or so. Let's keep in touch, Bye."

I immediately called my good friend Jaime in Guayaquil and he confirmed that he would be glad to help. We began making a list of the people who had been directly involved with Juan Moricz, the Cueva de los Tayos and the infamous Metallic Library project. I prepared my video equipment so that we could document everything right from the start.

You may already know about my past with the Tayos Cave and Metallic Library story. Much of my history with this story can be read in the archives of this newsletter in my Yahoo Groups site. Allow me to briefly recap some of the more important parts of my history with this project.

I first learned of Juan Moricz and his incredible story one day while browsing through one of my favorite used bookstores in Calgary, Alberta. The book nearly fell on top of my head from an upper shelf. As I quickly thumbed through the pages of "Gold of the Gods" by Eric von Daniken, I was astounded to see photographs of underground tunnels and rich, ancient treasures.

Most important in the book was the discussion of an ancient metallic library, thousands of pages left by some unknown, advanced culture, containing a lost history of the world. Juan Moricz claimed that this library would eventually alter the world's religious beliefs and even world politics. It was a major bombshell!

My first thought after skimming through this information was that if it was really true, it could be the most important historical discovery ever! I decided then and there that I would discover for myself if what I was reading was true. Somehow, someday, I would meet Juan Moricz in person and discover the truth personally. I never dreamed back then that it would take twenty years to finally get to the bottom of the mystery.

It is interesting to me how life takes its twists and turns. So many of life's goals are sometimes eventually forgotten. So many hopes and dreams can eventually fade away as life's urgencies take precedence.

For me, the Tayos Cave and Metallic Library project has persistently followed me through many, many years of my life. On so many occasions, when I was ready to give up on it, some weird, coincidental experience always came along to force me back on the investigative trail. And so many times I deviated away from the project onto side paths that almost always brought me great new adventures, new friends, more money and always lots of fun, but never a Metallic Library.

Finally my time arrived. I came to Ecuador. To make an amazing and long story very short, I met Juan Moricz face to face. You can see the photo of our meeting in my photo album at my Yahoo Groups site.

"Juan", I asked, "Is the story true? Is there an ancient metallic library in the cave system?"

Juan replied, "Yes its true, I've seen it and held some of the pages in my hands."

He seemed sincere. Deep down, I still wasn't entirely convinced.

Juan told me that the von Daniken version was utter and complete hogwash. Since then I've heard the same thing dozens of times from other insiders. I've also discovered first-hand that Gold of the Gods is one of the most financially successful and biggest lies ever told to mankind. More about that later...

Two weeks later, Juan died. Too bad, I had more questions to ask him. Fortunately, his assistant of fifteen years, Zoltan Czellar, invited me to visit him with my questions. I visited him frequently in Guayaquil over the next few years, sometimes for weeks at a time. He became like a second father to me.

Unfortunately over the years, I never saw any "court admissible" type of proof that the Metallic Library story was true, mainly only repetitions of what people had heard from other people. This is commonly known in legal circles as "hearsay".

What I did discover as actual "hard evidence" were the results of several unknown and well-financed expeditions into the Tayos Cave. For me, the most impressive expedition was conducted by a Japanese group of well-equipped, professional cave explorers. Sadly for me, they found no evidence of man-made tunnels, ancient treasures, and certainly no metallic library.

Recently, I have uncovered even more information that I consider the most important ever.

To prepare you for my next newsletter, Volume II of III, I would like to refer you to some important and key web sites. Please look them over carefully. I will have strong comments about each of these web pages and the people behind them. Some of these people are simply ignorant and others are downright deceitful. Let's see which is which and why...

Alex Chionetti:

http://www.app.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article? AID=/20070421/NEWS/704210334/1004/rss01



Stanley Hall:




Phillip Coppens:



Guillermo Aguirre - Julio Goyen Aguado:


Paul Dorsey:


There are three other extremely important and key witnesses (virtually unknown) that we interviewed and whom I will discuss in some detail. They are:

1. Sra. Jaramillo - Petronio Jaramillo's first wife,

2. Gaston Borrero – A participant in two Tayos expeditions

3. Hector Burgos – an important teacher and confidant of Juan Moricz

I promise that my next newsletter will shock you as it shreds the lies, sends heads rolling and finally reveals the truth. I promise to share with you my own personal, first-hand information, no second- hand hearsay (what a concept).

Volume II of III will be coming up soon…

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END OF 2007


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