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Adventures Into the Unknown

February 18, 2006


Happy New Year from sunny Quito!

So sorry to be so late with this newsletter and getting the New Year off to the exciting start that I was foreseeing in my last newsletter. I have been through a very difficult January as my dear mother passed away. She had been in poor health for some time.

However, as you can well appreciate, it was still a difficult time and required a good share of my focus and energy. My mom always gave me the freedom to go out exploring and the permission to bring home my discoveries, no matter how slimy. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

I am back in spirit now and ready to get busy with some great adventures and some creative ideas for you about how you can increase your level of adventure, fun and freedom this year. I always look forward to your questions and comments. We publish a number of them in the web site at:


In my next newsletter I'll be posting my story and some photos taken of my recent ascent of Pasochoa Volcano. We reached the peak at 4,200 meters with about 30 minutes to enjoy the view that popped out of the clouds just in time before having to head back down the hill. I really put my Jacuzzi to good use the day after.

I also went to the Pacific coast last week to search for dinosaur bones. I discovered some petrified bones there about 20 years ago but at that time I had no experience in what to do with them. If you have purchased my new e-package, Creating Wealth Through Adventure


you will know what I learned to do with dinosaur bones years later.

The bones are a big business and there is a hungry market willing to pay huge bucks for these amazing collectibles. Searching for and finding the bones, is pretty exciting stuff. Dinosaur bones can be found in many more places than commonly believed. At the age of 9, I found a petrified lizard's head on my elementary school playground in Livonia, Michigan. Where did that come from? Gravel pits can sometimes yield real treasures.

I just took delivery of a brand new Minelab GP3500 metal detector. For those of you who know metal detectors, you probably know what this one is like for nugget shooting. We're off on Monday morning to the Amazon Jungle to hit 5 of my favorite spots in search of the biggest gold nuggets we can find. I promise to post details and photos of the adventure, whether we hit the jackpot or not. I can't wait to share some of my favorite places on earth with you.

I recently received an amazing and totally unexpected email. If you have purchased my e-package,


you will recognize the name of an important man named Jaramillo. He passed away several years ago. He was the first white man to ever have entered the Cueva de los Tayos where the ancient metallic library and other artifacts are located (see "Gold of the Gods" by von Daniken). Jaramillo was the one who showed all of this to Juan Moricz


Jaramillo's son contacted me last week. After trading some emails back and forth, we quickly got on to friendly ground with each other. He is very well-informed and interested in the possibility of mounting an expedition in the future. He is currently in hiding in Europe/Asia because of what he knows about the library and its political implications. More details to come as appropriate.

Last but not least….my expedition buddy Jim and I will be heading into the fabled Llanganati Mountains next month. We'll be accompanied by an Ecuadorian PhD historian who has discovered a man-made lake right in the vicinity of where the famous Atahualpa's Treasure (estimated value = $8 billion) is most likely to be, according to Spanish documents (Valverde's Derrotero).

If you know the story, you know that the treasure was dumped into a man-made lake just before all the Inca porters were executed to keep the secret. Our friend has discovered an Eastern entrance into these mountains along an ancient Inca highway. There are a number of large boulders with petroglyphs that mark the way. I have seen the photos and I have every reason to believe that this is something remarkable.

I'll be back in touch soon!

Warmest Regards, Stan

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Adventures Into the Unknown

October 16, 2006

Hello and Greetings from Ecuador

As you may have noticed, it became necessary for me to delete my last newsletter. I learned a big lesson from that posting. I learned that I must now become more reserved about what specific information I reveal to my subscribers concerning my current activities.

The two gentlemen mentioned in my last newsletter, received numerous emails from my subscribers, asking a wide variety of questions about my/our/the Cueva de los Tayos / Metallic Library project. It was very inconvenient for them. It became necessary for me to apologize to the men mentioned, make certain corrections in a follow-up posting and then delete the postings. That said, the project is now progressing. I will try to tell you as much as possible without revealing things that I have promised not to reveal.

Tomorrow evening, I'll (we'll) be arriving in Guayaquil to meet with key people that have been directly involved over the years with Juan Moricz, the Tayos Cave, the Padre Crespi Collection in Cuenca and the Metallic Library. I'll be video taping our interviews, meetings and available evidence. I hope to eventually edit a very informative and interesting documentary of my findings and adventures.

After visiting Guayaquil and Cuenca to gather all possible information and evidence, the plan is to return to Quito to prepare for an extensive expedition to the southern jungles of Ecuador. I intend to visit and explore all the most likely cave systems and entrances that might possibly hold the answer to this enigma... finally.

I'll have my BlackBerry computer with me so that I can make regular newsletter posts to you from the field.

Best Regards, Stan

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END OF 2006


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