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Adventures Into the Unknown

January 3, 2004

Request For Your Suggestions & Opinions...

As I have been working on the upcoming edition of the newsletter, I have been receiving a ton of questions and comments on a variety of topics from subscribers. There is obviously a wide range of interests from within our group. Therefore, beginning this new year and wanting to share information, personal experiences and stories that are of the greatest interest to you, I am writing to ask for your input.

While I will continue writing about the latest information surrounding my expeditions, investigations and discoveries, I would also like to begin sharing information and experiences that are of the very greatest interest to you.

By you sending your comments and opinions to me in the coming week, it will help me to make the newsletter better for everyone. In addition to that, I would like to offer you a free gift in exchange for your efforts and help.

As soon as I receive your comments by email, I will attach and send you a beautiful, richly illustrated e-book, full of tips for explorers, treasure hunters and prospectors. This e-book is in .pdf format and will require that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader already installed on your hard drive. Please ask if you don’t know where to get this Adobe program for free on the internet.

Please take just a few minutes now to rank, prioritize and email me the list of 11 or 12 possible topics below. If you wish, you can simply send me a list of the numbers in their prioritized order of interest to you…

1. Real Life adventure stories from our subscribers and associates...

2. Subterranean tunnels and underground mysteries...

3. Specific “lost” treasure stories and sites...

4. Specific “found” treasure stories and sites...

5. Mysterious Ancient History such as: a) unknown migrations, b) advanced technologies, c) secret societies, d) Pythagoras, da Vincci, Fibonacci, etc.

6. Cryptozoology (undocumented animal species)...

7. Gold and diamond prospecting secrets...

8. Ancient gold bearing river channels...

9. Treasure hunting secrets...

10. How to become a full-time explorer, treasure hunter or gold prospector...

11. Portable proven money making methods and ideas for financial independence while on the road adventure traveling...

12. Other topics??? Please make suggestions here...

Thanks so much for your help and suggestions. I hope to hear from you within the coming week. I look forward to improving this newsletter and sharing information that is of the greatest possible interest to you.

All the Best & Happy New Year! Stan


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Adventures Into the Unknown

May 2, 2004

New Archaeological Discoveries and an Upcoming Adventure Documentary


First of all, I want to thank all of you who responded to my questionnaire about your primary areas of interest for this newsletter. I was amazed that more than half of you participated. This gave me a very accurate idea of exactly what everyone likes. Guess what the results showed?

Amazingly, the interests of the group are very evenly balanced among all 11 topics that I suggested. Therefore, I guess I’ll just keep going down the same path and include a good variety of information about all of my different investigations, discoveries, adventures, expeditions and observations. I always invite your ongoing opinions, comments and questions.


I’m back in Quito from an amazing adventure film making tour of some incredible unknown and little-known, important archaeological sites around Ecuador. Mike Olafson of Vintage Adventure™


and I had been in touch for some time, discussing the possibility of working together. Mike owns a media production company specializing in historical and archaeological documentaries and publications. He recently came to Ecuador to shoot a pilot adventure documentary with me which we hope will turn into a series of unique adventure documentaries unlike anything ever seen before.

Here is a brief description of our “excellent expedition”… Our small crew began at the equator, right at the center of something that will probably become “big news” when it is finally brought to the publics' attention. Let me give you a little background information first.

Over the past two years I have been working on the investigation of an amazing archeoastronomical discovery I made while flying from Quito to the Amazon jungle one day. As my flight passed over the Eastern chain of the Andes mountains on a particularly clear day, I looked out the window and noticed massive man-made patterns all over the mountaintops for several kilometers in all directions. I nearly pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I thought to myself, “How could this be? In all my years of tromping around Ecuador, I have never heard of this site. This is huge!”

I immediately began calculating the approximate location of this site and how I could reach it. Eventually I figured that this mountain was located somewhere between the small towns of El Quinche and Cangaua.

Several months later I climbed the mountain, and to make a long story quite short, I discovered no less than 2 lost cities and at least 6 other important sites that are all part of the same complex. The sites are all little-known, virgin and unexcavated. This could very well be the largest archaeological complex in all of South America.

I have now come to find out that these sites were originally built for astronomical observations by the Kitu-Cara culture in very ancient, pre-Inca times. I will have much more to say about the Kitu-Caras in the future.

Little did I realize at the time of my new discovery that this huge site would turn out to be a small piece of a much larger puzzle. As time went by, I discovered a number of other sites and when these were combined with other little-known sites, a very interesting pattern emerged. I call it a “Solar Star”. The pattern consists of lines and angles that exhibit advanced, astronomically related geometry. There are many similarities in proportions and measurements to the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

Mike and I had so much fun shooting this documentary that we decided that we should offer what we experienced on our expedition as a unique, customizable, adventure tour to small groups of people who are interested in doing something very different, exciting and adventurous. For more information about the details of our recent expedition, the new tour and for a look at some of the beautiful images Mike captured with his camera, you can visit his page at:


Mike and I are currently working on new expedition / documentary projects this year which will include the search for several of the Seven Lost Cities of El Dorado and the search for Oyacachi Gold as documented in the book, Treasure Hunter by Howard Jennings and Robin Moore.

For the first time ever, I have agreed to begin leading small groups into some of my favorite, unknown sites around Central and South America. Some of our destinations will include sites mentioned in:

1) Treasure Hunter by Jennings,

2) Beyond the Andes by Turrola,

3) Lost Cities & Ancient Mysteries of South America by Childress,

4) The Rivers Ran East by Clark, and

5) Inca Gold by Dolinger...

Mike's team will be always be in attendance to document our adventures and discoveries, and will provide each expedition member with a DVD of our experiences. We expect that our expeditions and documentaries will be of great interest to TV channels around the globe too. It should be fun.


I have much more coming up for you in the near future. I have been very busy in the field lately and now I plan to take some time to write about it all and share it with you.

Thanks so much for all your emails and very kind comments. They are inspiring for me and motivate me to continue sharing my adventures with you.


I rarely endorse or promote other peoples’ materials. However, I receive a very interesting Treasure Hunting newsletter twice each month. It is written and edited by Floyd Mann, an avid and experienced treasure hunter. I gain a lot of value from his websites and newsletters... so please, check out:



Adventures Into the Unknown

September 28, 2004

Here is some of the interesting and unique content in this issue:

News From Stan

Venezuela Diamond Prospecting Attempt

An Interesting New Book by Lily G. Stephen

Upcoming Group Expedition in Ecuador

Get a Free Copy of my CD-ROM “Lost Treasures of the World”

A Free e-Book Gift for You

A Fantastic Subscriber Question... to be continued


News From Stan...

Why, oh why do I get myself involved in so many projects at the same time? Is it because life is so short and there are way too many things to investigate and experience? I keep reminding myself of the need to FOCUS. Is it better to do one thing and do it very well; or is it better to enjoy a wide diversity of interests and experiences in life? If anyone has figured this out, please let me know. For those of you who have looked over my web sites in any detail, you will know which path I seem to be on.

Life is never dull. Here are some of the things I have been working on since my last newsletter:

I’ve been continuing to prepare for our first and upcoming customized Group Expedition. I’m working on securing permission to enter the virtually unknown, ancient tunnel system that exists below Quito. This tunnel system connected a number of ancient Solar Temples that existed before the Incas ever arrived on the scene.

I’ve also discovered a new, remote, pre-Inca archaeological site (30 kms. to the northeast of the equatorial center) that is part of the Solar Star pattern that we’ll be exploring on the Group Expeditions.

Please see the PHOTOS section of my Yahoo Groups site to see two photos of this newly discovered location (“new site #1” and “new site #2”). You’ll have to click through to the very latest photos in my collection. These are photos of two different ceremonial pools (now dry). The pools are part of a curious, local geometrical pattern.

Further, I have received a confidential report of a lost city that is supposed to exist about 50 kms. exactly south of the center of the Solar Star pattern. It is supposed to be fairly large, approximately 2 kms. in diameter. This is totally consistent with everything I have learned about the pattern in general so far. A thorough search is now in order. Care to help? All of these are potential optional destinations to choose from for expedition members. Please see the link below for further details:


Several weeks ago I was finally able to reach a very unique set of steep, angular peaks, high in the Andes Mountains, near the continental divide. We huffed and puffed as we passed the 4,500 meter level. These peaks are called “Las Puntas” on the topo map. I have been very curious about these out-of-place peaks for many years now. They lie due south of the giant archaeological site of Pamba Marca.

I had hopefully expected to discover an important, new site. Unfortunately, we only discovered some of the most incredible natural phenomena that I have ever seen in my life; no ancient remains. Oh well, a bad day exploring in the mountains is way better than a great day in the office! Please see the two photos I have posted from this expedition. You’ll have to click through to the very latest photos in my collection

Two weeks ago I descended, with a small group of friends, into the largest diameter volcano in South America, the Pululagua Crater. Check out the reference to this crater on “Day Two” of the link above. This time we were in search of the remains of an old, Spanish gold mining operation from the 1700’s.

We made great progress until the clock ran out. We weren’t prepared to stay overnight so we had to return before finding the exact location of the mine. We were able to discover the ruins of the large house where the Franciscan Priests lived who supervised the operation.

Therefore, we knew we were very close. But the mine site remained just a bit out of our reach for the day. My research indicates that over 300 pounds of gold were recovered there and shipped back to Spain. There should still be a significant amount of gold left there for us to find. Can’t wait to get back there.

This last weekend I went to Tena (located in the Ecuadorean Amazon Jungle) to explore an unexplored section of a cave known as “Jumandy Cave”. You can see a photo of me in this cave on the Vintage Adventure link above. This time we were able to finally penetrate the unexplored section after about 3 hours of trekking, swimming and climbing. Bats and large albino spiders were everywhere.

However, our progress was immediately halted as water began flooding into the cave due to a torrential downpour outside. We barely made it out of the cave alive, as the small stream within the cave became a sizable river (ever read “Inca Gold” by Clive Cussler?).

I should be able to post the expedition photos within the coming week or two. We hope to eventually encounter archaeological remains when we get into the cave far enough. This cave has a rich pre-Inca history. Nobody in modern times is believed to have ever yet reached the end of the cave. This is yet another possible destination for the upcoming expeditions.

The day after our flooded cave adventure, we unexpectedly discovered a new, virgin, unexplored cave about 10 kms. away on private property. Near the entrance of the cave we found a large rock with engraved petroglyphs. We saw images of a snake and a frog (photos to come). There was also an unidentifiable script on the rock. I have seen other similar engraved rocks in the general area. I hope to find an expert someday that can help us to better understand these engravings. Many other unexplored caves exist in this region.

There is much more to tell about my latest adventures but no time to tell it. I’ll do my best to write more often so that I can share more of my research and fieldwork. I believe that the most amazing discoveries are just around the corner!


Venezuela Diamond Prospecting Attempt...

A good friend of mine, Paul W. just returned from the Grand Savanna of Venezuela where he went to prospect for diamonds. Paul has spent many years working in gold and diamond mining ventures in Venezuela so he was no stranger to the area. However, this time was to be different. You see, Paul went equipped to prospect for diamonds in a whole new way.

Last year Paul purchased a copy of my report, “Secret Diamond Sites of Venezuela Revealed”:


In the report I outline a little-known method for finding raw diamonds in the field. This method works for finding diamonds just about anywhere in the world. In fact, I wrote a lot about this method on pages 3 – 8 of my e-Book called “Find Diamonds Close to Your Home”.


The method involves using a black light, which makes many diamonds “light up” with florescence. I never knew about this method when I first went to the Grand Savanna. Yet, months later, after my return, I discovered that 60% of the raw diamonds that I brought home, displayed florescence under an ultra violet light!

Geesh!!! If I had only known that, I would have made a fortune on my trip! So, you can imagine how excited I was when Paul came to see me and told me about his upcoming trip with his new, portable black light equipment. Paul’s last email came from Ciudad Bolivar, just before getting ready to enter the remote Grand Savanna through the small town of La Paragua. Several weeks went by with no communication.

Then I finally received an email from Paul telling me that he encountered far worse rainy conditions than he had expected for this time of year. Paul wasn’t able to access the 4-wheel drive path that he had hoped would lead him into the diamond-rich Chiguao River region. This is still a very remote area and will be for many years to come.

Too bad; all dressed up and nowhere to go. Paul won’t give up though. I hope to accompany Paul on his next attempt at the Grand Savanna diamonds. I love it there. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Please look at the photos of the Grand Savanna on my Venezuelan link above.


An Interesting New Book by Lily G. Stephen…

A few months ago I had the pleasure of being asked to read the manuscript of a new novel, soon to be published and to offer my comments about the story. The book is called, “The El-eventh Hour” by Lily G. Stephen. I couldn’t put the manuscript down.

Please remember, I don’t receive a commission from book sales here... but, this book is really good! If you are interested in South American history / archaeology / legends, the book “Akakor” by Karl Brugger


ancient tunnel systems, or ancient sacred teachings, then you should really check it out.

Please read my review of Lily’s book here:


Lily’s “The Tenth Muse” is quite awesome as well. Take a look through the Blooming Rose Press web site to get a feel for this unique author and her amazing work.


Upcoming Group Expedition in Ecuador...

As I mentioned several times above, I am now offering customized tours and expeditions throughout Latin America. I am doing this in conjunction with Mike Olafson of Vintage Adventure.


We are starting off the first expeditions based out of Quito, Ecuador. We offer expeditions for all levels of adventurers, from novice to advanced. You can find many availability and pricing details at:


Twenty-five years ago I would have jumped at a chance like this in a flash. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to discover an unknown lost city, explore a virgin cave, prospect for gold and treasure or sleep in a remote section of the Amazon Jungle in a tent hammock, then you just might want to get in touch with us. I promise that I won’t be making this offer for too many years to come.


Get a Free Copy of my CD-ROM “Lost Treasures of the World with Stan Grist”...

Wow! My CD-ROM, “Lost Treasures of the World with Stan Grist” has been resurrected. You can now receive a free copy of it by subscribing for two years to the twice-monthly newsletter “Lost Treasure USA” at:


I am quite a fan of Floyd’s newsletter, web sites and work. If you want to see proof for yourself, check out Floyd’s last free newsletter at:


Isn’t that amazing? Since the CD-ROM used to sell for $50, this seems like a pretty good deal to me. You can read about the contents and details of my “Lost Treasures” CD-ROM near the bottom of Floyd’s newsletter page.


A Free e-Book Gift for You…

As an extremely valued subscriber to this newsletter, I would like to make an interesting and unique gift available to you. One of my kind and brilliant subscribers, Glen W. Chapman, has compiled a rather amazing collection of little-known information about South American cultures, mysteries, cryptozoology, history and archeology. His book is entitled, “Mysteries of the Ancient Andean Civilization”. It is a 32-page .pdf document, which is 702kb in size.

You can either read Glen’s book online from my StanGrist Yahoo Groups “FILES” section found at:


or, you can download a copy of it to your hard drive. Either way, this book will really open your eyes and make you think. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks Glen, I love your work.


A Fantastic Subscriber Question... to be continued...

Some time ago I received an extremely thoughtful and sincere email from Wojciech Bobilewicz in Poland. His email and questions represent what many people ask me on a regular basis. Therefore, I have decided to create a “special edition” newsletter to answer his questions (and maybe some of yours).

Many of my comments and answers will be taken from my training course, The Ultimate Training Course for Explorers, Prospectors and Treasure Hunters


Ancient Deposits, Modern Wealth - Yes, you read that right! I'm revealing my very best prospecting secrets because I no longer need to protect them. I'm out of the commercial prospecting business for good and I'm ready to expose absolutely everything. This e-package is totally unlike anything you've ever seen before! Learn to go directly to where the richest, unknown, commercial deposits are lying just inches beneath your feet. Click here for complete details...

However, I will elaborate on a few unique points as well. There are literally many thousands of people out there who would love to gain a greater measure of freedom and adventure in their lives. Too many people feel like slaves to their jobs and their personal situations. I promise to offer a fresh perspective to freedom for those of you who may be interested in this subject.

Below is the letter from Wojciech that I will be answering soon:

Dear Mr Grist,

With mouth agape, I read your stories of expeditions, discoveries, hunting for treasures and the like. They are as if from a fairy-tale, from a Science Fiction book or an action movie.

Yet I know that you (and a number of other people around the world) are really doing this - leading a dream-like, fantastic life that I have always dreamt of living AND making your living from/on it.

So the question arises which is both pragmatic and rhetoric at the same time: just how do you do it?

I know that you have published a book in which you describe various "techniques" of achieving certain things. However:

a) I am much less interested in gold-prospecting and similar "mundane" activities that even most pragmatic and skeptical minds acknowledge; instead I am much more interested in those Indiana-Jones-like expeditions in search of lost civilizations, cultures, treasures or unknown animals, traces of extra-terrestrial intelligence on Earth (paleo-astrology) and the like. Is there any way you could advise on THAT?

b) I live in Poland where achieving anything - while not impossible - is in many cases much more difficult than in the US or elsewhere in the West. Therefore what advice from your book works perfectly fine in the US might not work fine (or not work at all) in Central Europe. Therefore another question is how to overcome this obstacle?

c) Irrespective of whether one comes from the US, Poland or another country, three things are always needed for successful expeditions: time, money and personal situation.

Regarding time: how is one supposed to organize an expedition when one works in an office where the maximum leave allowed is 26 working days (in fact less because some days are needed for Christmas break etc.)? How to change one's work from a mundane and boring office to a life full of adventures (and having much more time) when one is not sure about his/her success rate in treasure/Unknown-hunting? Which brings me to the question of money. Organizing an expedition ONCE a year seems to be a huge drain on one's pocket (or account).

Organizing SEVERAL of them seems to me possible only to very well-to-do or downright very rich people. Or am I wrong? How to go about it? How did you first organize yours? (I mean such that was in any way profitable and let you make a living on it).

Finally, there is a question on personal relations. It seems to me that when out of 365 days in a year one is absent for, say, 200 days, it may negatively affect personal relations. In my case, with my mother being so ill she can hardly move, and my girlfriend insisting on leading a "normal" life, how can I possibly even dream of doing something similar to what you're doing?

Ideas spring to my mind about places to explore. I simply cannot live without life of adventure - I LONG to do something similar to what you're doing. And yet, even this year I was forced to cancel a para-scientific expedition to Siberia because of my mother's illness. So will I ever overcome obstacles, forget my mother illness, forget earning money to pay for my credits and debts (including credit for apartment purchase) and set out for a Journey of My Life? Many people tell me: if you really want something, you will achieve it. How, in my situation, is it really possible to do what I would really love to do and what would make me happy? How did you overcome this point?

Mr. Grist, as you can see, probably most of these questions above are just my own musings and nobody can answer them. And yet, when I read about you and people like you, inevitably a question arises: How Do They Do It?

Kindest regards

Wojciech Bobilewicz (Mr) Warsaw, Poland "bobilewicz" rafiki_yako@poczta.onet.pl


Goodbye for now…

Thanks to you all out there for reading this newsletter. I look forward to continue bringing you news and information that is quite different from anything else out there in the world…

Warmest Regards to All, Stan


END OF 2004


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