Adventures Into the Unknown!

A Big Hello to YOU from the Equator!

The time has arrived for new revelations. I have a ton of new stuff to share with you today, five important items, to be exact. :-) So, let’s get started...

Item #1

First, I have added a bunch of new information to My Discovery... page. I am finally able to start spilling the beans and you may find my latest discoveries quite bizarre. If you do, I would consider it a normal reaction. It is bizarre to me too.

Please, I need your help. Once you have read through the “My Discovery” page, could you please leave me a question or a comment (in the space I have provided) about what you have read? What is your take on all of this? How do the pieces fit together? Help me! We are trying to figure out what this discovery is all about. I have only scratched the surface so far. There is much more to be understood.

As I mentioned in my post there, I am frustrated because I am running behind schedule with posting everything that is coming in. I apologize because there is not a smooth flow of information on the page yet. So far, it is a bit of a shotgun approach. Watch this page in coming days and weeks as I add to it and polish it up.

We have a new expedition coming up on June 19 to explore a number of the ancient sites located along the spokes of the eight-pointed star pattern. If you want to get in on the expedition, you should hurry and contact Mike Adams at his web site Natural as soon as possible. The expedition will last for 7 days and you can see all of the daily details on Mike’s site. After the expedition, I will be posting lots of expedition video on the web site so that you can see exactly what went on and what we discovered.

Later this year and beyond, this investigation will take us to Peru and Bolivia, and even further afield. The eight-pointed star is part of something even much larger. I think you’ll be nearly as amazed as I am when this thing unfolds all of the way.

Item #2

I have posted a new, narrated slide show of a mysterious cave I explored in Banos, Ecuador. You can see the slide show on my STAN'S LIFE'S ADVENTURES page. To this day, the depths of cave remain blocked and unexplored in modern times. Would you be interested in helping me to open up the blocked area?

Item #3

I have posted a new, virtual corridor in my web site that is called The Adventure Library, Map Room and Ancient Art Gallery Here you will find hours worth of adventure reading and viewing pleasure. And this is just the beginning…

Item #4

Have you ever fantasized about how great it would be if you had the powers of X-Ray vision, to be able to look down into the ground and see deposits of gold and treasure? You’re not going to believe this, but a modern, inexpensive, technological secret makes it entirely possible. You simply must have a look at Discovering Treasure Auras in the Digital Age. This amazing, new book is written by a trusted friend of mine. And, yes, he is perfectly sane. His technological “know-how” opens the door to endless possibilities of huge, new discoveries. If you would like to make your gold and treasure prospecting fantasies come true this year, you must get a copy of this book for yourself. It comes with a full, money-back guarantee.

Item #5

I have set up a special Questions, Answers and Comments block where your questions and comments are automatically posted and I am immediately notified. This allows us all to create a public forum for discussing all of those topics near and dear to our hearts. Please come in and post an interesting question or comment about something on your mind today! Let’s talk…

That’s all I have for today. I plan to be getting back to you within the next couple of weeks or so.

Take Good Care,