Adventures Into the Unknown!

Greetings From Quito!

I hope your New Year has already started off with a positive bang and that you are well.

We are still waiting for the last half of our subscriber migration to come over from the Yahoo Groups site to our new, site. So, I will finally be sending you the first official newsletter next Tuesday or Wednesday. Sorry about the delay. Thank you for your patience.

Meanwhile, I have posted the Introduction and first two chapters of my new, web-based e-book, Secret Astronomical Mysteries of the Ancients, Revealed! . To grab your password, please click on the link below:

Secret Astronomical Mysteries of the Ancients, Revealed!

I have also posted of number of the first emails I have been receiving as a result of the new web site and newsletter. I greatly appreciate the time you take to send me your comments and questions! These newly posted emails are very interesting. I'm sure you'll enjoy browsing through them. You can go take a look at them by clicking on the link below:

Questions, Answers and Comments...

Have a great weekend and I'll be right back to you again soon.

Warm Regards,