Adventures Into the Unknown!

Greetings From Quito!

As I mentioned in my last message, I am sending you this, my first official newsletter of the year today. Below, you will read of an adventure I had a few years back.

This interesting discovery was what eventually led me to the discovery of other lost cities, previously unknown sites, large ancient pyramids, caved-in tunnel systems and ancient mysteries that created more questions than answers.

Slowly but surely this year, I want to lay all the ground work with you that I fully expect will eventually lead us to a discovery beyond our wildest imaginations. When that time finally comes, I plan to have a small group of explorers with me equipped with several video cameras and other gear so that we can properly document the entire event.

Meanwhile always feel free to send me your comments and questions as we move along.

Explorer Discovers Unknown

Massive Pre-Inca Ruins in Ecuador

When people learn that I am a modern day explorer specializing in searching for lost cities, they usually react with doubt. “How could there still be lost cities out there? In our modern day and age of jet aircraft and satellite communications,” they ask, “haven’t all the lost cities been found already?” The answer is a definitive NO! Not even close!

Several years ago, while flying over the Andes Mountains east of Quito in Ecuador, I noticed some very distinctive and unnatural patterns on the ground below. The morning was perfectly clear and I could also see a half dozen snow capped volcanoes off in the distance. At first I was sure that I was seeing things. However, the more I stared at the patterns on the ground, the more convinced I was that these were archaeological ruins and not geological formations.

I took a mental note of the general position as I was determined to attempt a ground reconnaissance into the area at some point in the future. I had to find out if I had just discovered a new lost city or not.

As several weeks past, the memory of what I had seen from the air kept tugging at me to organize a ground trip in search of the ruins. I went and purchased topographic maps of the general area and then began mapping out the approximate flight path that I had been on when I discovered the bizarre patterns. Eventually I came up with two possible mountains where the ruins must be located. The mountains are located side by side so I figured that I would try my first choice and if that didn’t work, I would return again a week later to try the second mountain.

I arose very early on a Saturday morning, packed the food, water and gear that I had organized the night before and headed out into the darkness. I took several buses, eventually arriving in the small pueblo of Cangaua, the nearest settlement to my target location, several hours later. It was just beginning to get light in the eastern sky. Snow-capped Cayambe Mountain loomed in front of me like a huge monster watching my every move.

I took a quick position with my map and compass and then began the slow, arduous hike up the side of the mountain. At first I passed several remote farms, animals and cultivated fields. Soon however, all signs of human presence thinned out and then completely disappeared. I was on my own, heart pounding, alone, breathing hard, anticipating what might lie ahead.

Hours past, the wind picked up, the temperature fell and the views grew ever more amazing. Just before noon I found myself in frigid, hurricane-like conditions, approaching 4,000 meters of altitude. I briefly thought about abandoning my quest and returning at some other future time, dressed for winter. Something kept urging me on though and I kept climbing.

Finally, when I couldn’t take the extreme conditions any longer and in need of rest, food and water, I spotted a hill nearby where I could get some shelter from the freezing wind. I crawled over a steep embankment and dropped down onto a convenient, sheltered ledge. I then tore into my backpack, grabbed my food and water, and was soon enjoying one of the most spectacular views I have ever seen in my life.

Eventually my gaze returned closer to my sheltered ledge. I noticed a straight line of rocks off to my left. “How strange,” I thought. Then I stood up and looked around. I was immediately shocked and astounded. I was actually standing inside four ancient walls and was completely surrounded by dozens of other ancient rooms and walls. The steep embankment that I had just crawled over in search of shelter was actually the main outside wall of large-sized ancient community of some sort. “I have arrived!” Or so I thought.

I spent an hour or so surveying my surroundings, taking measurements and photographing interesting details of this unexcavated site. Then it hit me. I remembered that I had actually seen the original distinctive patterns on the top of a mountain, not on a lower ledge where I was currently exploring. I looked further up the side of the mountain above me. I immediately noticed a series of several concentric stone rings, at least 100 meters in diameter! I began climbing again.

Soon, I arrived at the concentric rings. My guess is that the rings represent the sun, the most sacred and center of pre Inca and Inca spiritual beliefs. I was probably looking at an important ceremonial site. Obviously, hundreds of thousands of rocks, or maybe even millions, had gone in to the construction of this site. It was magnificent. I then continued further up the mountain.

In less than an hour I arrived at the top. There I found a massive city of ancient, broken down walls enclosing many dozens of rooms of all shapes and sizes. I could hardly believe my eyes. “Now, I have arrived!”

As I searched the horizon off in the distance I could see the city of Quito far below. I could also see the well-known ruins of another important pre-Inca, astro-archaeological site called Rumicucho many kilometers away down in the valley.

Interestingly, I could see that the ruins of Rumicucho are located directly to the north-west of my new-found archaeological site. It is also located directly between me and what is known as the Sacred Inca Mountain of the Sun, very near the equator. There is a perfect visual communication and alignment between all of these sites. That realization of the alignment was to really start the ball rolling for numerous, subsequent discoveries. You won’t believe it when you hear all of the details!

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I turned around in a complete circle on top of the mountain. As I did, I saw more ruins and ceremonial sites on the tops and sides of adjacent mountains. I was awestruck. My day was complete. And what a day it had been!

Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to closely investigate the virgin ruins of the ancient city on top of the mountain, the largest of all. I had to begin my return journey so that I could arrive back in civilization before dark. The trip down the mountain was long and painful. I was so happy to arrive on wobbly legs back in the town of Cangaua, and not with a minute to spare as complete darkness had just set in.

My return to the top of the mysterious mountain and massive ruins is not far off. I am seeking several adventurers and an archaeologist to accompany me on this next expedition so that we can document the sizes, shapes and possible purposes of the numerous structures. I also hope to solve the mystery of a most curious artifact that I nearly stepped on. Much more to come…

I hope I have piqued your curiosity. I promise, things will get wilder and stranger as we progress. I hope to be back to you with another message within the next week or two.

warmest regards from down south,