Adventures Into the Unknown!

Greetings From Quito!

It is already mid-February and I hope that those of you in the northern hemisphere are keeping warm. Those of us on the equator at 8,000 feet of altitude are enjoying sunny, spring-like weather today. (sorry :-)

I wanted to share two bits of news with you from the Adventure Trader web site.

First, I have finally completed the Introduction to my FREE, web-based, mini-ecourse, The Viracocha Formula. Lesson One is also underway and will be expanded quite a bit in the very near future. You can now come in for a visit whenever you like and see what you think. Just click the link below:

The Viracocha Formula

Second, I have just completed a new e-book and it is now for sale on my web site. My new e-book may be a little controversial for many people because it has a lot to do with sex in Ancient South America. The title of the e-book is, Explosive Inca Sex!

I forewarn you that the description page for the e-book is extremely explicit and you should definitely NOT visit the page if you are younger than 21 or offended by such material.

This e-book is a comparative analysis between the Kamasutra and that which was taught about sex by Viracocha in ancient South America. It contains more than 180, full-color photos and images. The e-book normally sells for $39.95, however, if you click the link below, you will be taken to a private, "newsletter subscriber only" page that offers you a 40% discount. The discount will likely last a few weeks. Here is the link:

Explosive Inca Sex!

I plan to have a new newsletter ready for you by the end of the month. In this newsletter, I will begin to reveal the tip of the iceberg of a discovery that I know you will find absolutely amazing, if not downright impossible. Until then, keep well (and warm)!

Best Regards from down south,