Have You Ever Asked Yourself...?

  • How could I have more adventure and freedom in my life?
  • How could I make more money and be my own boss?
  • What would it be like to wake up each morning, excited about what the day holds for me?
  • How could I take my life in a brand new direction?
  • How could I leave the Rat Race behind and work from anywhere in the world I want?

Isn't it time to take action now and create the future of your dreams?

This new training course is your ticket to a new, adventurous lifestyle. Each lesson includes text, images, videos and an automated self-quiz. Take a full day, week or a month to complete the course at your own pace. Let’s take a closer look at each of the course lessons…

​​​​Preparing for a Life Change

Often, “life change” requires some serious preparation. Sometimes we may even need to change some of our old beliefs about how the world works before we can adapt to a new lifestyle. This lesson helps you to look inside and evaluate if any mental housekeeping may be in order before taking a leap in a new direction.

Be a Travel Writer,

Blogger or Photographer

​​These are three great ways to transition into a new, adventurous lifestyle. You can do any or all of them from anywhere in the world you like. Many companies, publications and readers are thirsty for fresh new material from adventure travelers. Discover how and where to capitalize on this secret.

Organize Group

Adventure Travel

​More people are traveling the world than ever before. This multi-billion-dollar industry is growing like crazy. Our course shows you how to get your piece of the action and travel anywhere in the world while making a great income. You’re the boss…you decide when and where!

Be an Internet

Research Pro

​Discover how to work from home, jungle, mountain or coast on your laptop. Hundreds of successful writers, authors and companies are desperately need of a professional researcher to feed them the facts and data that are their lifeblood. They simply don’t have the time to do it themselves. Only a handful of regular clients can keep you as profitably busy as you care to be. See where to find them. $300 / day isn't uncommon!

Be an Online Coach or Consultant

You are an expert at something. You know a lot about something special and you know the steps to get there. Hundreds or thousands of people in the world want to know how to achieve the same as you. Create a plan and guide them to the goal. Make them accountable. Find out the hidden secret of “strategic leverage” instead of simply trading your time for dollars.

Be an Online

Collectibles Dealer

Discover how, what and where to buy and sell your favorite collectibles. Buy low and sell high. This business is as old as the hills…except…now you can do it on your laptop, to and from anywhere in the world.

Be a Solo Adventurer

Learn how to search for and find valuable collectibles in the field. You may choose to specialize in gold, treasure, gems, fossils or any other valuable item from which you can profit. Selling your collectibles has never been easier. We show you how and where. You can do this anywhere in the world and enjoy a life of adventure and freedom.

BONUS LESSON: What Should You Do with

Your Growing Wealth?

Whether you are an armchair enthusiast, an aspiring adventure traveler, or have dreams of being a hardcore world explorer, this training course points you in the right direction and gets you started! You can begin immediately making your own, independent income for life!

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