$50 Million Dollar Gold Coin Hoard

by Gary

Hi Stan,

I've been an historical researcher for over 30 years.

My #1 target right now? $15,000,000 (today's gold coin value) buried on an 80 acre farm in the 1800's. It's still open farm ground and the coins are still there Stan. I need a partner. Interested?

Gary D., Florida

Stan's response: Normally, I would be VERY interested Gary. However, I am currently up to my eyeballs with a new, alluvial gold project here in Ecuador. Please keep me posted on your progress!

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May 01, 2016
by: David

Sorry Bill, I meant to comment Gary D Of FL.


May 01, 2016
by: David

I am a treasure hunter also. I am in the US.

I can introduce you to a guy that can help you pinpoint it. I am working with him. He is trustworthy and discreet. OR you can ask Stan about me and I will work as a Go-Between for you.

I have commented in Stan's website recently.

My part? 100 coins from the cache if you decide on me. Reason? Shoot! I just like Gold coins. Silly me!

Here is Jerry's website. Give it a read. He charges a pittance and provides a lot of info.


If you have questions, ask Jerry or leave your email addy here or leave your addy with Stan. I have a tendency to not invite a lot of inquiries about my doings.

Whether I find something or not is not the Worlds concern. So far, I have not. But I have a lot of opportunities and high "Apple pie in the sky hopes" My main problem is funds to go out as much as I would like. (What the 100 coins are for).

Wish you success in your adventures

Dec 31, 2015
Let Me Find Your Gold
by: Bill

Dec. 30, 2015 Is your gold mining project still available in Ecuador? If so, can we talk about some technology I have available for locating hard to find gold?

Stan's response: Hi Bill, The Ecuador gold projects described in my website are no longer available. I am in the process of remodeling and completely updating the website. There are new projects coming up in the future.

Meanwhile, I believe our readers would be most interested in reading what you have to say about your technology. Could you please share what you have with us here in this forum?

Looking forward to your reply...Stan

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