10" Gold Dredge For Sale in Panama

by Monroe
(Panama/Costa Rica)

We are thinking of selling our 10 inch dredge for around $20,000. Para reemplazar costaria mas o menos $45,000 so this is an excellent price. It includes 2 Volkswagon motors, 30 feet of 10 inch hose,2 pumps at 1,500 gallons per minute, can move 30 cu. yards per hour with 6 litres of gasoline. Este machina tenga solomente 200 horas en uso. sevenkom11@yahoo.com

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Apr 27, 2016
Gold Dredges for Sale in Panama - Portables 4" & 5"
by: Gary Reed

I have four 5" triple sluice box float dredges and two 4" dredges for sale here in Panama.

I have many other items such as wet suits, gold pans, air hoses, sifters, tubes and such.

I would like to sell all, but will consider part. I had cancer surgery and am not as able to carry equipment or work like I used to.

Call me at: 6717-3115, or email me at: panamagold9@gmail.com

Thanks, Gary Reed

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