* pointed star - Chavin

by Kat
(El Dorado Co., CA, USA)

The Sun and/or Venus sign, i.e. eight pointed star is known as the "Star of India." And like the six pointed star was representative of Ishtar/Inanna, i.e. the ancient "Firey God-Mother," originally known as central star/sun of universe, which eventually became placed on our solar system's sun. This star sign was used by the Phoenicians, aka "Yeomen/Yeos" and has been recently named as the "star of David" which it never, ever was, only that the Danish (Dans/David) and Scots-Irish were the Phoenicians. You'll notice the round-style Celtic structures also.

In Sum, the "Star of India" was brought over by these ancient mariners.

Stan's response: Thanks Kat!

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