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The Armchair Adventurer can work from:

1. Home

The Adventure Traveler can work from a:

2. Hotel

The Remote Explorer can work from a:


The 10 Principles of: How to Be an Amazing Online Coach or Consultant

The 10 Principles of: How to Be an Amazing Online Coach or Consultant




Lifestyle Business Why You Just Might Need a Lifestyle Business, Immediately!

Lifestyle Business Why You Just Might Need a Lifestyle Business, Immediately!




Profitably Find Lost Cities, Unknown Archaeological Sites, & Mysterious Lost Properties

Profitably Find Lost Cities, Unknown Archaeological Sites, & Mysterious Lost Properties




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What type Adventurer are you? 1, 2 or 3?

What type of "Income System" is best for you?

1. Some adventurous people can only work from HOME due to health or other commitments. We call them ARMCHAIR ADVENTURERS. A home-based, adventure "Income System" is perfect here.

2. Many adventurers would love to regularly travel to foreign lands and exotic destinations. These are ADVENTURE TRAVELERS. A portable "Income System" is necessary to make a great living based from any HOTEL in the world.

3. Finally, we have the REMOTE EXPLORER. This is my favorite. We like to work from HIDEAWAYS. Our type of adventure is gold prospecting, gems, fossils, treasure hunting, discovering lost cities, exploring ancient mysteries and more. We need an "Income System" too.

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