Stan Exploring a Remote Volcanic Lake in the Andes
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The main purpose of the University is to give you Information, Tools and Systems that help you to break free from the rat race to live your life on your own terms. We are living in complicated times.

There is a lot of turmoil in the world. Many things have changed. What used to work, doesn’t work so well any more. It is a new world. I have spent many years, through trial and error, developing some interesting short cuts and simple personal systems. These discoveries have helped me to achieve a good measure of personal freedom, independence and adventure in my life. If you are interested, I would like to share a lot of this unique information with you here in this web site.

I have always loved adventure and being out in nature.

When I was in my 20’s, I longed to lead an adventurous lifestyle. However, I soon found myself newly married with a new baby on the way. I was also going to school full-time and had to work two different jobs in order to make ends meet.

Whenever I had a spare moment, I would head up into the nearby mountains for a hike and a mini-adventure. I explored caves, old mine shafts, and ghost towns. I took hang gliding lessons on Saturday mornings and prospected for gold once or twice a month.
Things were pretty good, but I still dreamed of achieving a much greater degree of freedom and adventure in my daily life.

I desperately searched for and experimented with many types of businesses in an attempt to create an auto-pilot income that would give me the necessary financial freedom I sought.

Most of my attempted business ventures failed miserably. A few of them were mildly successful, but there were no big winners. To make a very long story short, I slowly inched my way along over a number of years, slowly figuring out how to reach my goal. Things got better and better over those years and I finally got it right.

Once I got it right, life became pretty amazing. I was able to go out adventuring whenever I wanted. I regularly traveled to many different countries and went off in search of lost cities, gold deposits, buried treasure, answers to ancient mysteries and much more. I found a lot of very cool stuff in a lot of very beautiful places and was even able to add a little more gold to my collection each month.

Please take a look at my brief slide show below to see a just few of my favorite adventures around the Americas.

Today I live in Cuenca, Ecuador. I work on a number of different and interesting personal projects. Some of them have to do with lost cities and ancient mysteries. I still go out adventuring on a regular basis.

Since I receive many emails and personal visits from aspiring adventurers, prospectors and treasure hunters, I finally decided to assemble some of my best secrets and information and turn them into The Wealthy Adventurer’s University. The University offers lots of free courses and also inexpensive information packages. There is much that is still under development and I’ll be publishing regular updates in my free weekly newsletter, The Wealthy Adventurer, as the weeks and months roll by.

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U n i v e r s i t y  c o r r i d o r s

Go to University Curriculum Page

University Curriculum Page

See the list of free and inexpensive training courses. This list is growing weekly so come back again soon to see what has been added. Feel free to suggest something if you don't see it on the list.

Go to The Adventure Library

The Adventure Library

Read chapters from unique e-books. Some of them are for sale in the bookstore. Many of these materials are rare or out-of-print. Get ideas for creating new adventures and expeditions.

Go toThe Adventure Bookstore

The Adventure Bookstore

Find rare and useful publications and training that shortcut your way to success. The bookstore is sorted into a number of different categories that cater to adventurers.

Go To Coaching & Consulting Office

The Office

Coaching & Consulting Services. Let's talk, one on one (via Skype), about research & investigation, finding gold, treasure, lost cities and adventuring into remote sites; also, auto-pilot businesses, mobile market trading and much more. I offer you a free, 20-minute chat to see if I can help you or not. Come see many more details.

Go To The Ancient Art Gallery

The Ancient Art Gallery

Take a look at priceless artifacts from ancient cultures. See the similarities, differences and incredible craftsmanship from thousands of years ago.

Go To The Historical Map Room

The Historical Map Room

Discover beautiful and rare maps. Many of these maps can serve to discover lost cities and ancient routes of travel.

The Lecture Hall

 Come read my regular adventure blogs & listen to adventure pod casts. See what the latest projects are all about.

 Go To Field Trips,  Adventure Tours & Events

Field Trips,

Adventure Tours & Events

 Learn how to create a Latin American Adventure Tour with me for fun and/or for profit. I specialize in Ecuador, Brazil, Guatemala and Venezuela. However, I have explored all of the Americas and we can create an amazing tour almost anywhere you want. Come see some great photos!

Go To  Ecuador  Real Estate Acquisition  & Development

Ecuador Real Estate

Acquisition & Development

a. strategic locations for price,
b. property investment opportunities,
c. independence and surtrival,
d. emphasis on natural materials,
e. energy source strategies,
f. security planning,
g. food & water independence,
h. complete custom strategies!

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