Treasure Hunting in Ecuador

by Prairie Pup

Stan, I treasure hunt (TH) here in the US. There are 1000's of buried treasure stories in the US. I have narrowed a few down to plausible.

However, the federal and local governments here make it difficult, if not impossible, to recover openly. So one has to be more or less covert which ratchets up the "pucker" factor quite a bit.

In Ecuador, how does one research, locate and recover (hopefully) possible TH sites? Is there a guide explaining the laws, rules and regulations that might help one in staying out of jail or leaking one's body fluids out onto the ground?

Is there any info on carrying a weapon in Ecuador for self protection in case a person is in the middle of nowhere and someone decides he/she does not like the above mentioned person.

(I just read the gun article below - comment: kind'a discouraging! Is that explanation of the law, i.e., "no self defense allowed" still in effect?)

I guess the overall question is "What is the govt's attitude toward treasure hunting in general and treasure hunters in particular?"

Thanks, Prairie Pup

Stan's response: Hi Pup. It is illegal to pack heat in Ecuador without a permit. However, there are other types of self-defense items that you can legally purchase and pack here such as stun guns, pepper spray, expandable batons, etc.

That said, I've been detecting and digging all over the place for 25 years and never even had one "incident". When I am on obviously private property, I ask permission and have never been denied. If I am on public lands, I try to keep it as private as possible.

I've had police and security guards offer to dig my targets for me out of pure curiosity, without expecting remuneration. I've had groups of people shoving each other to try to get a better view of what I am(not good - to be avoided). I've never been assaulted or robbed anywhere in the country. That said, I've heard several horror stories about other people. Go figure.

I continue to enter, explore, probe and dig wherever I go with not even a second thought. I'll be back in the jungle digging by tomorrow afternoon again. My experiences may not be the same as those of other people, but this is how things always go for me.

Here is how I go about researching:

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