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Starting Small with Gold Prospecting in Ecuador 
My partner and I are coming down this March to look at and dig test holes in 3 sites we are interested in testing to choose a claim. Are backpack style …

Is Anyone in South America Up for a Treasure Hunt? 
Hi, My Name is Rob. I am and ex-archaeologist. I am currently in Bolivia, about to move into Peru and eventually up into Ecuador. I have found a few archaeological …

The Moonshaft 
Prologue: Whilst doing some research back in 2001 I came across a very intriguing story about three soldiers hiding from the Germans in the Tatra Mountains …

Review of 'Gold! A Gringo's Guide' by Jack Livingston, Reviewed by Rob Farrugia 
Gold! A Gringo’s Guide, Written by Jack Livings Reviewed by Rob Farrugia Let me begin by saying that this book was a genuine pleasure to review. Having …

Gold Mining in Ecuador 
I lived happily in Ecuador for 14 years with a visa of "inversionista Industrial" because of a $25,000 investment that created jobs for Ecuadorians. I …

Currently in Ecuador and looking for some ideas. 
I have been traveling through Central and South America for a year now. I am currently in Ecuador riding north and checking out the beaches. Before I found …

Heading Down to Ecuador! Meet Up Anyone? 
It looks like me and a friend might be heading down to Ecuador in about a month or so in order to do a little exploring. We got a lead...whose source then …

Historical MYSTERIES of "Baja" ???? 
Hey All, Been awhile since i posted, but i wanted to send a SHOUTOUT to my Stan and ask him or ANYONE ELSE for that matter if they have any information …

WW2 POW Journal discovered in Philippines 
I was looking through some old books at a library in Cavite City, Philippines, where I live, and found several pages of a form of diary written into the …

Gold Nugget Shooting in Tena, Ecuador (Oct - Dec 2011) 
Hi Everyone, My name is Suzanne and I am a semi-retired Electronics Engineer (being one of my talents). I am in Ecuador until the end of December …

Hi, I have a Blue Minelab Eureka gold metal detector for sale. Its current location is Guayaquil, Ecuador. asking price is $1,100 if you are interested …

Hello to My Fellow Gold Prospectors! 
Hello, my name is Jason and I have been in Ecuador for 3.5 months. As of now, I have no intention of leaving. I have been exploring around Tena recently, …

10" Gold Dredge For Sale in Panama 
We are thinking of selling our 10 inch dredge for around $20,000. Para reemplazar costaria mas o menos $45,000 so this is an excellent price. It includes …

Hey Stan, What do you think is the best automated stock trading software out there today? Do you know of any good ones that are Mac compatible? …

Nugget Shooting in Ecuador 
Hello Stan, First let me say a big THANK YOU for such an excellent and informative site. WOW, what a lot of great information. I do have two specific …

Archaeology or 
Hi, would like to see some proper dig reports of your discoveries. Thanks, Vegar, Norway Stan's response: What is a "proper dig report"?

Which Metal Detector? 
Hi Everyone, Well, I am in Northern California and I want to try my hand at metal detecting. I would like to get a Minelab X-Terra 705 but the price …

Costa Rica Gold Prospecting 
I have purchased some property in the mountains of Costa Rica's central pacific coast. Looking at an old map of the area, I found that one of the streams …

Metallic Library - Tayos Cave 
Stan, I know you have been busy but you promised to put an end to the mystery back in 2007 with revelations in your words "heads will roll and facts will …

Meeting in Quito this Week 
Hi Stan, I was wondering if you had a little time to meet this coming Wednesday or Thursday? I am coming from North Peru to Quito on business. If you can …

The Hunt For Lost Gold Coin Hoards Across the U.S. 
Stan, want to share my treasure hunting website with you. I haven't talked with you in a long time. I guess I'm looking for someone to give me a "grubstake". …

Gold Dredging Question 
I was wondering if you would be looking for a partner on your gold dreges to run them for you. How much does it cost to live there and is it hard to be …

Gold Mining Equipment
for Sale in Ecuador
I have several questions regarding the 3 dredges you are selling for your friend (Jim). If gold is so good in Ecuador, why is he selling? How restrictive …

A Gold Dredging Partner in Ecuador 
Hello Everyone, My name is Jack. I am an American Expat living in Ecuador. I am a friend of Stan's, and I can tell you he is a great guy and the …

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Gold Dredging in Ecuador 
Stan, I would like to come down to Ecuador and do some gold dredging with a 4" or 6" dredge. Can you buy a dredge in Quito or does it have to be shipped …

Gold in Nicaragua 
I've looked into the book further and did some research on about how much gold my grandfather produced at his mine. It was somewhere around $15,000 - $20,000 …

Gold Secrets of Ecuador - Zamora 
I´m down here in the Zamora area. I think its region #4 in your e-book, Gold Secrets of Ecuador. I have found a lot of flour gold on the Zamora River. …

Ecuador Trips for Gold and Treasure Hunting 
Great site! I occasionally take groups on treasure hunting trips. Please see www.TreasureTravels.net. I would like more info on your Ecuador trips. boomer@treasuretravels …

Gold Prospecting in Nicaragua - Making Progress 
Hey Stan, I've gotten in touch with the embassy and they gave me a list of lawyers and attorneys that specialize in the mineral field and I've emailed …

I have an Idea on Gold Dredging. Tell Me if I'm Wrong Here... 
I have a one-man jet boat with a 5 HP Honda drive. The jet exhaust water could be used to run a dredge. I have it all designed. This unit can travel …

Gold Prospecting Adventure of a Lifetime 
The mine is located in the Prinzapolka - Waspuk - Umra River region. A description in the book was where the Tunky empties into it. Tunky, I'm guessing, …

Stan, may question for you is regarding obtaining FINANCIAL BACKERS for recovering treasure. I two very good sites in Central Mexico. All the Signs …

Living in Cuenca, Ecuador 
Retired from the fire service last year and moved to Ecuador with my family, currently living in Cuenca. I'm very interested in getting started in gold …

REAL blockers for me are not internal... (plus a question about gold-prospecting) 
Dear Stan, This is Wojtek from Poland again. It's awesome that you're going to launch your e-learning soon and I am really looking forward to it, …

If you knew you were going to die... 
Here is something we should all consider when deciding how to spend our day. If you found out you were going to die, what would be most important to …

Can't Download History of Coca.pdf 
I'm not able to download the History of Coca.pdf as it was sent, nor was I able to download the Skeleton Canyon video you sent last week. I am very interested …

Origins of Machu Picchu 
My wife is from South America, Colombia, to be specific. While growing up, Sher read from a source she no longer recalls that there was evidence the Inca …

Coca Leaf Chewing and Activation 
What do you use to activate the coca? Are the coca leaves or plant legally available in El Norte? Stan's response: I actually take the coca …

Oak Island, Nova Scotia, Canada Being the Site of Templer Treasure 
I believe that Oak Island is the repository of the Templar Treasure taken out of Scotland during the 15th. Century. The Money Pit was designed by Leonardo …

Backpack Dredging in Quito 
I'm seriously thinking about coming to Ecuador and doing some backpack dredging for gold near Quito. I was a regular on your other site a couple of years …

I'm an English, 33 year-old male married to a Moroccan with 2 kids. I bought a White's DFX in the UK. I love exploring everywhere and love everything I …

Trading System 
Stan, I purchased your materials a few years ago and just recently stumbled on your trading stuff. I've spent about the last ten years very seriously researching …

I recently visited Medellin, Colombia and really liked it. Any suggestions on how a gringo could survive money wise there? Any gold to pan there? Do you …

How do you find "Leads" to Your Quest? 
I've been enthralled with archeology since I was a wee lad, I know of the extensive research that must go into your work. But, there must be a certain …

Located Treasure in Central America 
Should anyone be interested or know of an investor?? We have located a treasure and need some funds for removal and relocation. Plan and documentation …

Prospecting Equipment Sales 
My bags are full and I still need a few things. Some of the things I don't have and will need... is there an equipment store or somewhere I can get some …

Treasure Galleons in Ecuador! Interested in Diving With Me? 
To All Readers of This Page! I'm an American living in Quito, Ecuador. I'm writing to let you know that I have a copy of the famous Hack Atlas. I've …

Reading the Ground for Gold Prospecting 
I'm wondering if there is any information on reading the ground in order to find gold. I live in an area not far from several gold mines which are not …

"Great Life" You're Living Stan 
"GREAT LIFE" you're living Stan. I plan to be a Pro at treasure hunting in this life too. What is some of the best equipment and tools that you have found …

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Funding Ecuador Living 
Hi Stan, Just a heads up if you are not already aware of it. The Iraqi dinar is close to revaluing. It is presently worth about .00086 to the U.S. dollar. …

A picture paints a thousand words... 
hey guys, can you post your questions with pictures so we could understand. for example, here's mine

back in the philipine soon 
hi there everyone I will be back in the Philippines at the end of this year, I have 15 years in the mining game and will be bring some equipment, if any …

Trouble Creating Free Maps 
Was wondering how to create free maps from the visualizer? Stan's response: Hi Jeff, Could you please email me at my Yahoo address and give me more …

When is the dry/driest season in the Llanganates Mts? 
In your writings you mention your expedition up to the headwaters of the Napo River, to the tributaries Verdeyacu, Chalupas and Cedroyacu, up above Tena …

In Ecuador, would anyone in Quito like to meet up and talk Adventure? (Jack...Stan...anyone) 
Hi guys, me and a buddy are now in Quito and are looking to meet a few like-minded people. Would be great if we could meet over a few beers. Jack and Stan, …

Heading Down to Ecuador! Meet Up, Anyone? 
It looks like me and a friend might be heading down to Ecuador in about a month or so in order to do a little exploring. We got a lead...whose source then …

Coming to Ecuador to Pan for Gold 
I have heard there are a lot of spots in Ecuador to pan for gold. However, the last time I was there, 10 years ago, the side shops paid $20 - $30 a gram …

Getting Started adventuring in Ecuador 
I am looking forward to a new adventure and that hopefully being Ecuador. I love exploring for gold as well as buying and selling goods and services. I …

About de Tayos Caves in Ecuador 
Hi Stan, As you said the Tayos Cave History is all fake. I was suspicious on that. Everything is possible. But what concerns me about the false of all …

Heading to Ecuador, I'm Looking for Gold Prospecting Partners 
Hi, my name is Jonathan. I've been traveling through Central America for a few months. I'm now in Costa Rica (just for fun, no gold here!) and will be …

some suggestions for you. 
Dear S. Grist I want to make suggestions to you. -Adventure trip idea Some people like to do all three activities: sea or coast kayak, camp, and metal …

For those prospectors who cannot leave the States 
Hi Stan, A friend of mine in the States is coming here to Ecuador to work with me on a gold mining project and has a complete dredge set up he is selling …

Small Gold Mining with Local Landowners in Ecuador 
Hi, I have asked several times about the possibility of getting some land owner to be a front man for a small alluvial/river mining operation in Ecuador …

Howard Jennings - The Treasure Hunter 
Stan, Do you know what Howard was looking for in Turkey before he died? I am curious. -Augie Stan's response: In a conversation with the late, …

Robert MacElvain, here, metallurgist, specializing in the extraction of gold and Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) from weakly-magnetic hard-rock, and magnetic …

Japanese Gold in Philippines 
What would a person do with Japanese treasure found in the Philippines? Can you put it in a safety deposit box? Is it hard to sell? Thanks for any input. …

Explore placer gold  
Hi, I want to know how to prospect and explore this type of gold and the type of good equipment I will use. Stan's response: If you are referring …

Gold / Silver Ratio - Buy Silver! 
Back in the 80's when gold and silver jumped to $800 and $50 respectively then dropped I noted that while gold had historically been worth 20 times the …

Thank You 
The information you gave me was very helpful. I also contacted the Department of State. The more information, the better. The stuff you recommended …

Mineral Claiming 
Stan, I've been doing some searching on how to make a claim on the property and would like to know if you could lead me to the right direction. …

Next Module? 
Hey Stan, I hope that you are well and doing good. Module 1 is a great module. I was curious as to when the next Module will be released. I am very Grateful …

Gold Prospecting Adventure of a Lifetime 
The mine is called the Texana Placer Mine. It is located near or around the regions of Waspuk or Wangki (Coco River). The Umra Creek... if anybody has …

Gold Prospecting Adventure of a Lifetime 
The direction of where the gold workings are, are on the Waspuk,(Wangki or Coco and the Umra creek. It's located pretty close to the Bonanza and Neptune …

Gold Prospecting Adventure of a Lifetime  
Well then on the second thought, since you entagle yourself with large companies and such do you think you could assist me as to how i might come about …

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Adventure of a Lifetime 
Hi, it's me, Andrew. I was hoping to get to go down to Nicaragua where my mother's father's gold mine is. I would like to go in the next year or so. …

It is now time for me... 
Yes, the E-course sounds great. I have found many good things but my task now is to try and put them all into a working, flowing, daily method. Somewhat …

Cocoa Island Download 
Tried to download the link for the 'Cocoa Island Download', and it comes up with the following message 'No Such URL at This Domain'. Can you please send …

I've been trying to get a hold of you, but my e-mail got missed up. I bought Wealth Through Adventure for $49.00 dollars, and I'm going to use it as …

Skeleton Canyon 
Stan: The story was very interesting and I knew nothing about it. I am in the process of purchasing a Gold claim near Galeyville, AZ. It is actually in …

Lost Cities 
Are there still places in the world where lost cities still exist? It seems like governments want to get their hands on everything someone else has spent …

Investment Fund 
I'm a big fan of your adventure writing, and just found your trading sites last week. I'm a complete novice when it comes to stock and currency trading, …

Are the diamonds that are found in Venezuela from the same source as the ones found in Guyana? 
Greetings Stan. Are the diamonds that are found in Venezuela in the Gran Savannah from the same source as the ones in the Savannah in Guyana? Would …

Midwest Geo Search 
This is what we have going on right now. New discoveries: 1. 2 Imperial Jade locations, 2. blue caldera gem location, 3. petrified wood location, …

USA - Historic Gold Mine Plans to Re-Open 
The Historic Moss Gold Mine located in Goochland County, Virginia, USA, is planning to re-open. The owners are searching for a small to medium size mining …

"Classifying" in water.(!) 
Am beginning my second life, (retired college Art Instructor), as a CA gold prospector, and came across this site. Every "wannabe" video I've seen shows …

Moving to Ecuador 
I recently purchased a few systems / books of yours. I am very interested in gold or other adventure(s) in South America. I have a small savings put together …

I have been reading everything you have about Ecuador and my plane lands in Quito on January 7th, 2010. I have most everything I think I will need, however, …

Turned to Stone 
I have found that everything was turned to stone but the ones in control deny me and say that the stones just bubbled up from the ground, bah. I have enough …

I'm thinking of coming down to Ecuador this winter...  
...for a couple of months to go gold prospecting. Depending on your schedule, I would like to get together with you and pick your brain as to the best …

What About Prospecting, Dredging & Mining Permits? 
Of course I am interested in becoming prosperous. I've bought a lot of books from your website already. The answer may be there already, so forgive me …

Baja Hunters - contact us 
We have made a discovery. Would like to talk directly to you when you have the time. Thank you. Stan's response: Hi Steve and Teresa. Please send …

Helping with the Cave 
You betcha, I am interested. After being swindled out of 60,000 in a gold bearing property deal and worthless mining stock, I have to take on an adventure …

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Hey Stan,

Just wanted to drop you a line. I wonder what you are up to these days. I hope you are fine and all bids you well. I have been following your site for several years now and have corresponded with you as well. I have enrolled in the University of West Florida Underwater Archaeology program and am having a blast. They have some primo sites here in Pensacola Bay. Two of the ships from the Luna Fleet of 1559 have been discovered they are within 500M of each other.

I want to thank you for putting together your program for becoming a free enterprise like your self. It really has been beneficial to me.

I am John Smith, recently retired from the Army. I am still looking forward to coming to Quito for retirement and other purposes. I have been sharing the Stan Grist knowlege at the university and have some professors looking at me strangely.

Again, I hope all is well with you. What of the Knowlege of theAncients? Is it for real? Did you find it?

Your friend in Quest,

John >:^)


Hi Stan,

Thanks for the update. Sounds exciting. We need something to change this paradigm before all goes to hell in a hand basket. Good luck on the exploration. I wish I was going with you.

BTW I came across this amazing story about a mountain on the California - Nevada border that in the 30s a canyon was found. Underneath it was an underground river running through and massive gold in the sands along canyon edges. A group has bought all the mineral rights to the mountain and has been actively trying to figure out a way in to the cavern. It is said that a major water system runs under the desert of Nevada coming in from Utah.


Dr. Rick Bierman


PS: What is your take on Planet X?

Hi Rick,

I have been interested in the Earl Dorr story for most of my life. I would love to know if it is true or not. Even Clive Custler wrote about it in his great novel, Inca Gold. Please let me know if you hear any more news about it in the future.

As far as Niburu (Planet X) goes, I consider it a strong possibility of being true. I was introduced to it in Z. Sitchen's books. I continue to research the subject and will be dealing with it in future newsletters.

Thanks for your interest in my work Rick,


Hi Stan,

I reviewed all the Earl Dorr stuff on the web. It appears there that the group who bought the mineral rights had a lot of investment money, but they have internal conflicts and lawsuitsare flying around. Dorr talked about seeing daylight while in the cavern so there must be another entrance somewhere, but after blowing up the entrance (another Burrow cave move), he spent a lot of time trying to find that daylight source to no avail. I wonder if some satellite viewing would reveal a way in.

If Niburu is real, a whole lot of people are going to die and that survival would depend upon being underground for a while. We should know soon. Estimates are that by spring of 2009 other telescopes in the southern hemisphere will see it besides the one at the south pole.

I think we are going to have a major transformation. I hope it is a spiritual inner shift to knowing what is real and a breaking down of authoritarian structures rather than the physical world being changed. I am a medical dowser for 30 years and a fairly decent psychic, mostly medical, but when I look at people's energy, a lot of them do not look like they are planning to stay in this physical world for too long.

I think a whole lot of people are going to check out in the next 5 to 7 years. Probably a better way to go then sticking around for the rocking and rolling if Planet X shows up.

Something has happened many times to the planet in the past; that is clear. It is too bad the Hall of Records has not been found to find out exactly what. All we have is the myths of native cultures and intuition right now and the vague statement by NASA that there is an object out there.

What is confusing to me, if Planet X comes around every 3,000 years or so, the Chinese would have it written down. I have not seen anything solid regarding their records of it. So it is possible that the time line is off. Also there has been no report from the aborigines regarding Planet X. Their culture goes back 40k years.

Anyway it always nice to talk with a serious researcher. I wish there were more people like you around to talk with.


Dr. Rick


Congratulations Stan!

2009 will be a great year for you. I wish you nothing but good health, good treasure hunting and personal satisfaction. You are already a living legend so this new discovery will truly be rewarding to all peoples everywhere.

If you need a treasure hunting neophite (I fly for almost FREE with American Airlines as my husband is a retired Vice President from TWA) and would love to witness first-hand this discovery. However, since I have no archaeological or geological experience, logic tells me I'd probably just be in the way.

Take care and be well. I will be anxiously awaiting your new link to your upcoming website.


Miami, Florida


Thanks for your email Stan,

It is good to hear from you again.

The last message I had from you was dated June 4, 2007 and was regarding the disputed information about the "Metallic Library" You left me with the following paragraph...

"I promise that my next newsletter will shock you as it shreds the lies, sends heads rolling and finally reveals the truth. I promise to share with you my own personal, first-hand information, no second-hand hearsay (what a concept)."

"Volume II of III will be coming up soon…"

If I have missed something here, I am wondering if you can bring me up to date on this subject.

In the mean time Stan I will look forward to hearing about your latest projects and adventurers. Definitely the most anticipated emails I receive. Thank You in advance!

Kind Regards,



Thanks for writing Robert,

You're are quite correct, I have never sent out "the rest of the story". There are a number of reasons for that. However, I will be finishing up that unfinished business this year. Further, I will be posting some video interviews that I conducted with key players in the story. Hopefully, we will put the whole story to rest soon and then be able to move on from there.

Best Regards,


Just got your newsletter Stan,

Thanks for keeping my email address in your database.

I have land in the jungle up the Rio Napo about 11-12 hrs from Quito depending on how you get there. So, I was quite taken with your slide show and re-inspired to once again re-commit to the life of adventure and exploration beyond the gold panning in the Rocky Mtns. and care taking ghost towns.

For the past 6 months remote viewing has come into my life too and the CAVES surface again and again. For the next big RV meeting I am submitting the cave information for evaluation by seasoned remote viewers in the Boulder/Golden area. Let's see what they come up with. If you have additional information on the caves this is the time to forward it to me. Photos are always welcome for remote views to key into.

Hope you'll discover who I am at:


I've been an ethnobotanist / researcher / inventor / outdoorsperson / lover of archeoastronomy forever studying the medicinal Amazonian plants right now.

Best Wishes in your endeavors. I love the NASDAQ hit,



Hi Stan,

It was so great to hear from you again. I was wondering when youwould surface and hoped that you would be coming out with something that wows us all, and it appears that you have. It all sounds exciting, and please realize that I, and I am sure many others, can't get enough of your adventures, so please fire emails at will!

I bought several of your courses a few months ago and am studyingthem in my spare time so that when I have the financial wherewithal, I will know what the heck I am doing. May I say that I am really proud of you and am happy to see you following your dreams and passion. It certainly is inspiring to see, and shows in your contagious enthusiasm for your work (and/or play). It also inspires your readers in their dreams as well.

If it is still of help, I prioritized your topics and came up with the following: 7, 8, 1, 5, 2, 9, 6, 10, 3, 4 & 11. For 12 I would really like an occasional update of political and legal climates in the countries in South America we might prospect, treasure hunt, and seek esoterica in.

It might help one prepare as they approach getting ready to make a trip and avoid prospecting for gold in a legally forbidden area or for diamonds in the middle of a military exercise. Look what happened to Indiana Jones (& the crystal skull) in Nevada when he found the town full of test dummies!

Anyway, keep up the great work and I look forward to hearing fromyou soon. Safe journeys!

All the Best,



Hi Stan,

Recieved the bulk message you sent.... reminded me to send you a note. I am in Colombia right now due to paperwork delay. I was there a full year and got away with it even though you´re normally only allowed six months.

Anyway, I did lots and lots of groundwork in the south and have made some excellent in-roads that I am certain will be highly coveted once I get the info out. In a nutshell I have multiple locations and native guides waiting for me to bring in clients with special equipment such as ground penetrating radar to look for a variety of things.

I have leads on locations containing guandos, Valverde´s gold (definite location where bricks have been found), up to 200 gm. gold nuggets, and archeological locations that I am reasonably certain date between 25k and 50k years old.

I have accumulated a ton. The natives in the area I am speaking of now call me Indiana Jones.... hope that qualifies for the Grist club...

Soon I am going to put together a website looking for those who can afford particular special equipment and will handsomely pay the expeditions.

My investment has been a year of my life and incredible contacts. I also have the capability to start a multitude of gold mines should I receive interest. I am ready to talk to anyone with the money to pay my expedition tours.

Please feel free to pass my name on to qualified persons, such as yourself. I have a wealth of hard to get info due to my long stays in the places concerned and will only divulge information to those who are serious and can afford it.

Let me know how you are doing.




Dear Stan,

My name is Diego and I am an Ecuadorian citizen. I am very interested about what happened in the Cave of Tayos.

I heard that one of the first expeditions was with Neil Armstrong and that his experience there in the caves was more overwhelming than his moon travel thing.

Do you know something about it? Do you have pictures of the Tayos Cave? I would really like to know because I do believe there is an inner earth civilization and that some of the caves throughout Ecuador are portals to this civilization.

Please, if you have time contact me. Looking forward to your answer.

Many Regards,

Diego Morejon


Hi Stan,

Thank you for the information concerning the details of your e-courses.

Is your CD/DVD "Lost Treasures of the World" still available for sale and if yes, at which price?

I don't know whether you are interested in non-English TH/MD websites, but if yes, let me mention my German website:


I created this website one year ago. The URL means "detectorists germany". 120 million people in history-rich Central Europe speak German and, though some speak reasonable English, they want German content, not English content. (For the English speaking people there is my older website dealing with MDing in Germany:


The German website does not deal primarily with my personal searches but with the situation of metal detectorists and treasure hunters in Central Europe, especially Germany. Legal issues, finding prospects, media reception, cooperation with archaeological institutions, real treasure finds etc. For the German detectorists and THers this is much more important than the personal finds shown on the usual websites.

According to Google, it is among the top 5 websites (usually #2 after all-mighty wikipedia) for the keyword "sondengänger" (metal detectorist). Right from the start it got me several enquiries from radio and tv people as well as from German MD forums.

Because of the publisher status, I even get to know about hitherto unpublished treasure finds such as this


4000 year old bronze ring hoard found in 2008. All I had to do was to call the finder. Though he did not know me, he knew my website and told me all I wanted to know.

Now in the Munich museum, the hoard was found just a few hundred meters away from a place I searched back in 2001... Can you believe the organic ropes shown in the closeup survived 4000 years in the wet German ground? This happened for the first time ever in the history of German archaeology.

I did some research on South America in the last few days. As you know of course, it seems many countries prohibit the export of precolumbian artefacts, Ecuador among them. Also, as you know, a key factor to successful THing is local expert knowledge of the history of places. While I am an expert for the Munich region, I cannot contribute much to a possible partnership in your country aside from being an experienced metal detectorist and a fanatic history explorer.

However, I would feel honored if you could give me a bit of your time for a talk on THing/MDing issues *in case* I ever come to Quito (which will not happen in the foreseeable future).

Until then I will follow adventure-trader.com as it evolves, and will follow your other published work I can get my hands on.

Best of THing luck in 2009,



Stan's note: All you THers and detectorists will love this article below written in English by Thorsten. The photos are very nice!

Hi Stan,

if you wish to see a recent English article on my MDing in Germany you can find it on this forum. The link will be valid just for a few days. That is the only English content I published recently. Geetings Thorsten


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