Metal Detecting in Colorado Western Mountains

by Keith Ruck
(Grand Junction, CO)

I was wondering about metal detecting in western Colorado mountains. Probably kind of northeast of Ouary area up in the big blue wilderness area.

I am new to metal detecting and don't know too much about it. I've read that Whites MXT-300 does pretty good for nuggets in CO mountains. I will have to hike in about 5 miles where I want to try, so its kind of off the beaten path. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

Stan's response: Hi Keith, Your planned adventure sounds great. For the money, I don't think you can go wrong with the MXT-300.

Just be sure to practice a lot under different mineralization conditions before going into a remote area. Each detector has it's own personality and you must learn what every little sound means. It is time consuming work, but a very good investment of your time. Use earphones!

My favorite nugget detector in the next price range up is the Fisher Gold Bug II with multiple coils.

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Grand Junction, Colorado Metal Detecting
by: Andy

Where are some spots to detect in the Grand Valley?

Stan's response: Hi Andy, What are your main areas of interesting in metal detecting? Are you more interested in nugget shooting, historical sites for small gold, or are you most interested in treasure caches? Once you get back to us, we can hone in better on some target sites for you.

Metal Detecting in San Luis Valley, Colorado?
by: jeff

Can I go metal detecting anywhere in San Luis Valley, Colorado?

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