Have Money - Need Partner to Work This Gold Mine

by Jim

Does anyone know of someone who would work this operation for a %? I want in on the deal, but cannot go work it due to prior commitments.

Stan's response: Perhaps interested people can post their email addresses as comments to this post.

Comments for Have Money - Need Partner to Work This Gold Mine

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Dec 30, 2014
Seeking opportunity to use my skills
by: Eric Cripe

I am a former merchant marine electrician engineer heavy machinery operator crane certified also a journeyman lineman and can fix run or perate anything with an engine or motor. I have studied mining for my entire adult life and can guarantee that i will be the best partner anyone could ask for bu virtue of my knowledge skill and positive mental attitude. I BRING the experience you bring the place and plane. I am presently running a crew in colorado building powerlines. I can Be Reached @ 301-502-7173
call or text

Dec 25, 2014
In need of a funder
by: Anonymous Victor Tinoi

I Victor am a gold mining prospector for 17years
I live and do small scale mining in milnebay mountanes of Papua New Guinea.

I am in need for a partner who is able to fund the alluvial small scale mining in Misima island, Woodlark island and Rossel Island of Milnebay Province of Papua Mew Guinea.

The gold deposits on this Islands are very huge and gold purity is just above 90%. I have a 3inch proline brand dredge/ high banker combo with all its accessories that are not been used.
I need partner with just as enough funds of up to 50,000.00 (PNG KINA) to purchase a 200litres petrol for 40days use, 40days rations, first Aid, transport feul and camping gear. For further information pls email me at lvtinoi72@gmail.com

Dec 14, 2014
Looking for Parter to Buy Gold in Papua, New Guinea
by: Gabriel Poka

Hi there, my name is Gabriel Poka from Papua New Guinea. I am looking for any interested individual who is willing to buy gold in my area. my island nation is blessed with Floras and Founas and rich deposits of natural oil, gas, copper and Gold. we have gold just everywhere. however, since we are under developed, we have been living in subsistence lifestyle. but currently we have huge multinational mining companies operating but there are hundreds of Alluvilial miners almost everywhere. they dig, pan and sell their gold at some decent prices to earn their living. since I have working with this small scale miners I have build a strong network. if you are interested to buy gold from these small scale miners, please log in now and be my partner and I will help you out and I can buy your gold. you can get me on: gabie.poka@gamil.com

Oct 17, 2014
Looking to go Gold Mining in Ecuador
by: Timothylw890@gmail.com

I'm a 25yr medically retired Marine sgt looking to work heavy equipment gold mining. I'm not looking to get rich, but I work hard and am able to work long hours and through the night. Its more for the adventure and hopefully to find a gang to work good with and keep it a lifestyle. I have a current US passport as well and advanced experience with military demolitions structure and ditching.

thanks if anyone considers me


Oct 05, 2014
Are You Looking for Gold Mining Partners?
by: Joe

I am interested in working legal gold concessions in Ecuador, or anywhere else, with anyone looking for a partner, or partners.

I am an Electrician/Electronics expert,
My trusted friend is an Electronics Engineer who speaks fluent Spanish, my other friend is a marshal arts expert and Communications Engineer, we have metal detectors, panning equipment, passports, and financial support. Please contact me via email, and specify S. A. Gold, if you are looking for hard working individuals. We are older mature, responsible individuals, who will be a quality addition to your team.

Regards, Joe

Jun 28, 2014
Iam interested
by: Anonymous


My name is Robert iam 24 years old i speak 3 language Hungarian / Romanian / English.

My dad and grandad was miner....but i have no experience at all i was born in City of miners called Balanbanya located in Transylvania (Romania), i have no founds to go far like Ecuador but i always wished to be a miner ... i work hard iam a positive man always find solutions of any sort of problems. Currently i live in Hungary in the city of Szekesfehervar.If i could get there whit a little help to start working and getting experience in mining that would be a dream becoming true to me.

My email:


Nov 01, 2013
My Husband and I Want To Work in Gold Mining
by: Anonymous

Willing to work hard and have always wanted to work in the gold mining field. Would love to hear back from you. Just came across your website here and my email address is:


May 10, 2012
Still Looking for Gold Mining Partners in Ecuador?
by: Big Joe

I see the comments here are from 2010; I am interested in working any available gold concessions in Ecuador with anyone still looking for a partner.

I have prospecting experience working several claims in Arizona, I have metal detectors, and panning equipment, plus passport, and financial support. Please contact me, and specify Ecuador Gold, so I know you're not spam.

Regards, Joe

Dec 14, 2010
Question for Stan
by: Gold Miner

Hi Stan, I have talked to several people about this mining operation opportunity and they asked me why doesn't the concession owner just work the 10 sub-concessions himself if its so profitable?
I thought that this was a good question...

Stan's response: First off, the concession owner is a local Native that does not have the funds to develop the project himself. That is why he accepted the opportunity that Robert proposed to him to work together.

The project owner, Robert Demes, is a very smart man. He has enjoyed tremendous success over the years in developing large projects in Latin America. A little investigation on the internet reveals that everyone who has ever participated in Robert's projects, has made a lot of money too.

Robert has a personal plan that he has shared with me. As he approaches retirement age, he has structured his affairs in a strategic way so that our El Dorado gold mining project can continue well into the future, even when he is no longer physically present at the site.

While I am not at liberty to share all of the details of Robert's personal strategies, I can say that they make complete and total sense. And fortunately for us who are participating in this project, we have the opportunity to share a nice piece of the pie with Robert as others have in Robert's former projects.

In essence, Robert has created yet another win-win-win business opportunity for those of us who wish to participate with him. This will likely be his last and biggest project of them all. As of December 15, 2010, six of the ten concessions have been purchased and paid for. Only four concessions remain available.

I might add, so far, everyone who has visited the site in conducting their Due Diligence, has purchased one or more concessions. I think that says a lot about the profitability of the project.

Nov 11, 2010
% Partnership
by: Gold Miner

Hola Jim,
I have experience in gold mining in Ecuador, running heavy equipment, excavators, front end loaders, dredges and panning. I live a few hours from the site in the gold region of Southern Ecuador, I am a permanent resident with drivers license. I have managed Ecuadorian workers, and know how to get the most out of them and keep them happy at the same time. I am honest and have a good work ethic, so if you are interested in working together, please contact me at mardelsurvp@hotmail.com
I look forward to hearing from you...

Nov 04, 2010
by: Douglas

Are you still interesteed in a partnership?

Let me know hwat you need from the partnership.


Nov 04, 2010
by: Douglas

I am not sure when past postings were listed, but today is November 4, 2010.

Are you still interested in a partnership?

Please send me an e-mail giving more information on what you need from a partnership.


Nov 01, 2010
Jim's Gold Claim
by: Jack

Jim, I see you have a few responses to your post.
I expect we would all like to hear from you. I have the slight advantage of already being here in Ecuador, knowing Stan, having met Robert, and knowing a bit about the project. I have more related experience than I could ever hope to share in this post.

If you are truly serious about wanting to own one of these claims, I suggest you email me and we can discuss it.


Oct 31, 2010
Very interested in working for %
by: Andy

Hi Jim,

Myself and a friend were seriously and excitedly considering moving half the way around the world for this.

Unfortunately, once the estimated equiptment lease costs were announced we found that our savings were considerably less than enough.

We would still love to do this and would be happy to consider working for a percentage.

We'd be very glad to hear from you.

Best regards,

Oct 29, 2010
will work for gold
by: hal

hi, how about getting two claims to work. I have extensive experience, and recently found a huge deposit in colorado. Would be nice to work in the hot weather this winter. email to halreichardt@yahoo.com thanks.

Oct 29, 2010
Interested In The Partnership
by: Russ


I'm interested in your idea.

I'm run dredges in the past, up to 5".

Know how to gold pan.

Have a passport.

Have a friend or two that I trust that would probably also be interested.

Drop me a line with your full offer.



Oct 27, 2010
Interested Working Partner
by: Paul

Hi Jim. I'm interested in talking about being a working partner in your mine. Give me an email at piwilkie@yahoo.com Paul

Oct 27, 2010
Ready, Willing and Able
by: Jack


Please email me at jlivings2@hotmail.com

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