Guns and Knives in Ecuador

by Russ
(Trucking In The USA)

Hi Stan, Can I bring a pistol or rifle and bullets, of course, for personal protection? Not for at the project site, as security there is provided. But for if I went to other locations doing prospecting on the day off.

Can firearms be purchased by us Gringos in country?

Is it OK to carry a knife?

For instance: A 4 or 5 inch folding knife? A 10 or 12 inch fixed blade survival knife (like Rambo had)? A 18 or 24 inch Machette?

If it's ok, are quality knives readily and economically available, or should I bring what I need?

Thanks, Russ

Stan's response: In more than 30 years of trekking the mountains and jungles of South America, I have never carried a firearm and never needed one. Your head is your best weapon of all.

That said, you can apply for a firearms permit in Ecuador once you are here. I would not bring a firearm nor ammunition when first entering the country. Firearms and ammunition are available for purchase in the country once you have organized your permit.

All kinds of knives and machetes are available (and legal to carry) here at good prices. The machete is extremely common in the jungles. Almost everyone who walks around and works in the jungle carries a machete for very practical purposes.

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Mar 14, 2012
Taking a Gun to Ecuador
by: Kenneth E Guard

In 2001 I obtained legal permission to take a gun to Ecuador. It wasn't all that difficult. I plan to do the same again in 2012

Nov 08, 2010


this country has no provision for self defence protection , the laws read , if a person pulls a gun on you and you kill him with a rock you go to jail.

the laws were supposed to change this october but did not concerning guns. and now because of the so called cue attempt correa dose not want guns here.

I talked to a gun dealer in quito and the only reason you can get a gun permit is if you are a buisness owner that carries a lot of cash and then the above laws aer still in effect, you will go to jail . automatic 8 years for killing someone no matter what they did to you.

having said that if you get rid of the body or pay off the cops then that is another thing. the dealer also said that a hunderd dollar bill gos a long ways in your defence, or as my lawyer says go to the nearest airport and get the hell out of the country.
guns are very expencive in ecuador. 1500 for a worn out 9mm in a good price. and then you must go thru a bunch of hoops to own one however a shot gun on the black market can be had for 500 if you know the right people. for snakes of course.

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