Ecuador Gold Mining Laws

1. I have recently came upon a document published by the US Department of state and titled "2010 Investment Climate Statement - Ecuador" and came upon the following paragraph:

The mining sector is open to foreign investment. Foreigners have the same access to large-scale mining concessions as domestic investors, but are prohibited from investing in small-scale mining operations....."

Is this statement correct and if yes does it have any bearing on your gold mine project and in general on any mining project that involves us gringos cooperating with locals in small scale dredging, panning or nugget sniping.

2. I intend to visit Ecuador soon, and would like to take a gold detector with me. Will i have any problems while going through customs.

3. I am having a meeting with the local Ecuadorian consul, in order to apply for a business visa. Bearing in mind paragraph 1 of this letter, should i tell him about my intentions of investing in small scale mining projects?

Regards, Arie

Stan's response: Arie, Thanks for your post. I'll answer your questions in order.

1. Our project is definitely not considered "small mining". In the one large concession area, we will have numerous excavators and wash plants working. This is being considered as a large alluvial mining operation.

2. You will not have any problems at all entering the country with a metal detector.

3. Are you intending on participating in our gold mining project? If so, you will not have to use the term, "small mining".

Let me know if you have more questions!

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Nov 01, 2014
by: Smithg989

I loved your post.Much thanks again. ceekfcdefdecggee

Jan 13, 2013
Diamond Drilling and Gold Mining in Ecuador
by: Anonymous

Speaking of mining in Ecuador, does anyone think that it will open for large scale mining as it has been over 5 years since it was stopped. I have two diamond drills here in Canada and would like to go back to Cuenca if ever the mining starts-up again.

Know any mining companies looking for drills a little bigger that Hydracores 2000?

Hope I get a response from someone in the mining industry.

Regards, Luc

Oct 28, 2010
Wash Plant Configuration for the Alluvial Gold Project
by: Wayne

Just looked at the wash plant in action. Would a trommel be better. The wash plant it's self would not a spray bar set up be better for a cleaner wash? What do you have in mind for handling black sands? such as the use of a gold gennie and the use of mecury.

Stan's response: In my experience, a trommel is normally needed if there is a clay problem or tightly packed gravels that need extra "breaking down". In the case of our El Dorado project, the gravel is loose and clean. It is ready for immediate classification and sluicing. There is no real need to go to the added expense or complication of a trommel in this situation.

It is up to you how you would like to handle your black sands processing. Yesterday, I published an 8-Manual Information Package in my web site about finding gold. One of the manuals is specifically about black sand treatment. Personally, I believe in processing the very heaviest of the sands with a very safe and efficient mercury and concentrator procedure (very similar to what you mentioned). Many miners don't realize how much value is actually in those sands.

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