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Welcome to Secret Astronomical Mysteries of the Ancients, Revealed! I appreciate you joining me on this unique series of adventures and investigations into some of the most important secrets that were tightly held by only certain of the ancient inhabitants of South and Central America. I hope you enjoy the time we share here. I always welcome your questions and comments.

Many of us have been taught in school that the Incas worshipped the sun and that gold was their representative of the sun on earth. We all know that the Incas accumulated and fashioned literally many hundreds of tons of gold during their time. The Spanish conquistadors went absolutely crazy when they realized the great treasure that they had come upon. Further, they only saw less than one percent of the total of what the Incas actually had.

Incan Astronomical Secrets in a Solid Gold Mural!

What we learned about the Incas in school was really only partially true. Yes, the upper classes of the Incas did worship the sun, but in an incredible way that I have never, ever seen clearly explained in traditional history books before. And, yes, gold was a type of representative of the sun to them, but there was so much more to it than that. And where did this concept of sun worship come from? Wow, this will take me many chapters of writing and documentary video to explore in depth with you.

From the age of 18 when I first learned to pan gold at Sutter’s mill in California, I have had some sort of a strong attraction to gold. For most of my life I always thought that it was simply just the mix of adventure and making money that was the attraction. Only in recent years am I beginning to see that there is much more to gold than meets the eye of most people. Further on, I will explain everything in detail.

I have spent the greater part of 20 years studying the Incas and their history, in depth. Those studies have led me to study other, much older cultures that preceded the Incas. Interestingly, the Incas are given credit for many things that they actually inherited from older and even more advanced cultures.

My studies have led me to libraries, a long series of numerous field expeditions, private archives, interviews with shaman and Native “holy men” (keepers of the wisdom), highly educated scholars, grave robbers, and even to privately owned “quipo” collections, which very few people alive are able to interpret or understand. I believe that I have been able to tap sources that most people have never even heard of before. There are other sources that I have been introduced to and seen, but promised not to reveal, at least for now.

My point is that this passion has turned into a major life journey for me. I have learned to see certain things with a whole new perspective than I saw before. Whenever I discover new astro-archaeological sites now, I immediately see certain geometric shapes and designs that I never understood when I first began exploring the Andes Mountains.

Slowly, I have assembled a perspective of South American history that I have never seen in any other single source before. I feel that the time has come for me to begin to share my unique perspective and experiences with those of you who may have an interest to know what I think. What I think, is definitely not for everyone.

I have already been criticized for switching my treasure hunting and gold prospecting emphasis to something seemingly more esoteric. I have already lost subscribers and readers as a result. But hey, things change, both inward and outward. I hope you will stick with me to hear what I have to share. I promise that I’ll have a lot more to say about gold and treasure than ever before, but maybe with a slightly different twist this time.

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Part 1

What I have discovered and not really heard that much about from other sources is that the farther back in time I go, instead of finding more primitive cultures, I find more advanced cultures. It seems that by the time the Incas finally came along, technology, wisdom and enlightenment had already declined substantially.

Wow! What a Fit!

As a small example of this I refer you to the ruins found at Sacsayhuaman, Cuzco and Ollantaytambo. There are gigantic megalithic structures that serve as a foundation at these sites. The size of the stones is absolutely unbelievable, even after seeing them in person. The joints between the stones are so perfect that one cannot even slip a single sheet of paper between them. The engineering borders on being not even believable. I’m sure you have already seen the photos.

Mega Megalithic at Ollantaytambo

On top of these megalithic structures are actually found the constructions of the Incas. The Inca constructions are composed of rocks that are much smaller, and while the stones fit together fairly well, they do not fit together as well as the megalithic stones below.

In Cuzco you then find the constructions of the early Spanish on top of those of the Incas. So, in Cuzco, for example, one can easily distinguish three distinct periods or types of construction. Of all three, the Spanish structures are of the lowest quality.

Multiple Construction Periods

When there are earthquakes, it is the Spanish structures that are most easily damaged. Needless to say, the largest and lowest of the three types, never moves, even during the strongest quakes. Even the Incas admitted that the huge stones were already there before they arrived on the scene. Who built those megalithic structures? How did they do that? These are questions we’ll be exploring as we progress.


The main points that I would like to make at this point is that there are, as Graham Hancock would say, fingerprints all over the earth that very intelligent, advanced, technological cultures once existed. Something seems to have happened where the vast majority of these cultures disappeared, perhaps leaving some survivors to continue on and to repopulate the earth, or perhaps not.

Further, there is tremendous scientific evidence that modern man, homo sapiens sapiens (different than Neanderthal), seems to have appeared out of nowhere a few hundred thousand years ago. Some experts even agree that there is no solid continuous proof of evolution from ape to modern man. Some experts believe that some sort of an external intervention must have taken place that caused modern man’s sudden appearance on the scene. These are also issues that we’ll be exploring further as we go.

However, the main purpose of this e-book is to identify that the Incas inherited most of their beliefs and practices from a much older culture that was even more advanced than they. Then, I want to identify and examine these, largely unknown, beliefs and practices, along with their math, science, astronomy and more, to see what we can learn and what we might be able to apply to improve our, so-called, modern-day lives. It’s fun to discover and learn their secrets, but it could be even more fun to apply them!

Part 2

There are some very interesting secretive beliefs and practices that we find all over the world that were passed down from some apparent common root at some time in ancient history. Today we see the Freemasons, Rosicrucians, and Knights of the Golden Circle, etc., etc. Yesterday it was the Knights Templar. Before that it was ancient Roman Mithraism. And the list goes on back to Mesopotamia and beyond.

Secret Societies have always existed back into ancient times. Even the Incas had their own Secret Society that originated with Viracocha (much more on that later). Did you know that? And what blows me away is that if you are ever able to break into the “inner sanctum of secret knowledge” of some of these societies, you will discover that they have an amazing great deal in common! All of the core societies have secret handshakes, signs, symbols, penalties, and on and on.

One of the more interesting fictional novels that has come along in a while is The da Vinci Code. I must say that Dan Brown has really done his homework and has a great overall grasp of true, occult history, not to mention his riveting writing style. The da Vinci Code really aroused a lot of interest in the subject of Secret Societies. And for those readers who paid attention, the topic of “PHI” popped up over and over throughout the book.

I will now share a very personal matter with you. Honestly, “PHI” has had a tremendously profound effect on my entire life and core belief system in the last eight years. When I first heard of it, I couldn’t believe my ears! How could a grown, educated adult have existed in this world for most of his adult life without ever having heard of Phi?

Where does Phi appear? Phi appears in:

1. The proportions of the human body,

2. The proportions of many other animals,

3. Plants,

4. DNA,

5. The Solar System,

6. Art and Architecture,

7. Music,

8. Population Growth,

9. The Stock Market,

10. The Bible and other Sacred Texts Around the World,

11. Animal Migration Patterns,

12. Astro-Archaeological Sites,

13. And just about everything else...

Phi in Nature

Ever since that day, Phi has continued to stretch me in ways I could have never imagined before I turned forty years old. Just in case you don’t already know, Phi, also pretty much stands at the center of all core Secret Societies. Much more to come about Phi!

Perhaps if you like what you have read so far here, I could interest you in joining this new little club that we are starting. The dues are only 10% of your income and you have to promise not to tell anyone our secret password. Can we shake on it?

Part 3

to be continued soon...


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